Improving Your Aim In CS2: Techniques And Training Methods

Improving Your Aim In CS2: Techniques And Training Methods

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CS2 Aiming isn’t as easy as just “clicking heads” and hitting headshot after headshot. There are many intricate gameplay mechanics that gamers need to learn to increase their skill level. 

In this guide, we’re taking a deep dive into CS2 aim training techniques and methods and the essential tools to use to get better. 

CS2 Aiming Techniques & Methods To Train

At the heart of accurate CS2 aiming, there are techniques and mechanics to come to grips with. Let’s discuss the aiming techniques that form the eight pillars of precise aim in CS2.

Pre-Aiming With Crosshair Placements

The perfect CS2 crosshair placement can significantly increase your chances of winning a firefight and improve your overall playstyle. The best CS2 players place their crosshairs at head-level height before strafing around a corner. You can pre-aim before spotting another player by training on competitive maps and learning through experience where enemies position themselves.

Training in this technique results in smaller distances to move the crosshair to hit an enemy. Start by practicing with iconic CS2 map callouts and enemy positions like Windows on Inferno.

Gun Recoil & Spray Patterns

Every weapon in CS2 has a unique spray pattern. We suggest picking your four favorite guns and learning their spray patterns when you hold the fire button and unload the magazine. One handy in-game tool is the Follow Recoil setting, which causes the crosshair to move with the spray pattern of your bullets.

Train with the setting enabled and note how long your favorite gun takes to reset its recoil after you’ve stopped firing. This will help you increase your recoil control proficiency.

Spray Transfer

Spray transfer is an advanced CS2 aiming technique where you move onto another target while spraying bullets. You must learn where you are in the weapon’s recoil pattern at that exact moment before you move your crosshair to the second or even third enemy player.

Counter Strafing

When you move in CS2, the accuracy of your guns dramatically decreases. However, you’ll need to peek around corners, so how do you maintain accuracy? With counter strafing, of course!

Practice moving right by holding down the “D” key, then release the “D” key and hit the “A” key quickly, and then fire a bullet without movement penalties to accuracy. Counter strafing in CS2 is critical to “jiggle peeking.” Keep practicing peeking left or right until you can do it quickly.

One-Bullet Tapping

Pros often take out opponents with a few bullets at range while using a rifle such as the AK-47 or M4A1. The one-bullet tapping technique allows for the utmost precision. To use this high-accuracy technique, click the fire button once, pause for a few milliseconds, and fire again. With one-bullet tapping, the weapon’s recoil pattern resets before you fire your next shot.

This isn’t required for snipers such as the AWP, which fires only one bullet by default.

Controlled Bursts

When firing the first three bullets with most guns in CS2, the recoil effect is minimal. The longer you keep firing without pause, the more severe a gun’s recoil effect becomes. The controlled burst technique is where you fire a certain number of bullets before stopping, effectively resetting the recoil pattern. 

We suggest training with the AK-47 and learning to fire just three bullets in a controlled burst, then stopping for one second before bursting again. This allows for more accurate shots at medium to long-range distances.


Practice hand-eye coordination against bots or other players to increase your flicking prowess. Flicking is, of course, moving your crosshair quickly to a target. Pro players sometimes even perform 180-degree flicks, swiftly turning and placing their crosshairs directly on an enemy behind them.


Target tracking practice is a fantastic way to improve your aim in CS2. In matches against bots, keep your cursor on an enemy while they move at different speeds until you can stay locked on without issue.

These CS2 aiming techniques and methods can increase accuracy and fine-tune your gameplay style. The critical factor is determination, so don’t give up!

Counter-Strike 2 Aim Bot Maps & Training Software

You can jump into “Training” mode and practice in Deathmatch against bots. However, third-party maps and even aim trainer software suites provide additional aim training opportunities.

Best CS2 Aim Bot Map

We recommend using an Aim Bot map to practice the techniques outlined in this guide. The best current map of this nature is “Alternative CS2 Aim Botz.”

EMBEDVID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEClfKx4JJ0

Best Pro Aim Training Software for CS2

Undoubtedly, the best professional aim training software for CS2 is Refrag, but you will need to open your wallet to join the program and gain access to all its features.

American professional Counter-Strike player Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski, a rifler for Complexity Gaming, practices daily with Refrag.

EMBED VID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TLWxxKnH2s

CS2 Aim Training Methods: FAQs For Beginners

All these aiming techniques in CS2 may seem overwhelming for newcomers. So if you don’t know where to start or feel stuck, we’ve compiled some FAQs about training methods to help beginners.

Which CS2 Aim Technique Should I Start With?

While the goal is to perfect every aiming technique, we suggest starting with crosshair placement on the Active Duty maps in CS2. Building your knowledge of crosshair placement on competitive maps will yield the most noticeable results early in your training.

How Many Hours Should I Practice?

It largely depends on how quickly you want to become better at aiming in CS2. Pros practice for dozens of hours a week. We suggest setting a specific goal while aim training for five hours per week.

Does CS2 Aim Training Ever Stop?

No! Even the top professional players continue with aim training and honing their techniques weekly.

Will Training Techniques Help Increase My CS Rating?

Once you’ve improved your aiming techniques, you will likely see a CS Rating increase in Premier Mode.

Which Crosshair Settings Are Best For Aim Training?

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and CS2, crosshair settings are a matter of personal preference. We can say that the best crosshair color for visibility on competitive maps is either green or cyan. If you don’t want to tinker with the game settings too much, we suggest heading into the CS2 settings page and trying Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s crosshair code: CSGO-RiaU3-DDuB5-rCqXD-GUhfw-pevvE

Best DPI and Mouse Sensitivity For Perfect CS2 Aiming?

The best DPI setting is 400, while the best mouse sensitivity setting is 3.07. However, this depends on your gaming mouse, so test out different settings until you find one that feels comfortable while tracking opponents and flicking.

Take Aim At CS2 Betting

When you feel comfortable with your aiming skills, we suggest practicing against real opponents in Classic Casual before moving on to Classic Competitive and Premier Mode.

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