CS2 Player Count

CS2 Player Count

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Want to know more about the soaring CS2 player count currently standing at over 890,000? You’re in the right place. As the latest entry into the popular first-person shooter franchise, Counter-Strike 2 offers a revived take on the classic, team-based tactical FPS gameplay.

Powered by the Source 2 engine, Valve’s new game boasts realistic rendering, dynamic smoke grenades, enhanced audio, and even new game modes! This guide will detail the latest insights on the CS2 player base in 2024, including some compelling reasons why you should take aim!

Looking for even more Counter-Strike 2 info? Check out our CS2 coverage for crosshair codes, the best weapons, tournament insights, and so much more!

How Many People Play CS2?

CS2 has an approximate daily average player count of ~891,838 in 2024. This figure reflects the number of active players in CS2 at any time over the past month (in this case, Mar. 11 to Apr. 10, 2024) according to Steam Charts. More interesting is the peak player count, which sits at 1.6 million players. Considering that in December 2023, the monthly player count was at around 725k it’s obvious CS2 can attract new players.

It’s hard to gauge how big the CS2 player base really is. However, it’s clear that CS2 is the most popular game on Steam by a long shot. The game boasts a whopping 655.1 million* hours being played to date!

But why aren’t we surprised? The franchise is deep-rooted in nostalgia while providing the blueprint for breakout FPS games like VALORANT and Overwatch 2.

Note: These CS2 player count stats are courtesy of steamcharts.com and are accurate as of Apr. 10, 2024.* This statistic includes hours played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

So How Many Players Were On CS:GO?

According to Steam Charts, the peak player count record for CS:GO peaked at 1.8 million concurrent players on May 6, 2023, breaking its previous record of 1.52 million from six weeks earlier. So, what triggered this massive surge in players? One major driving factor was the hype around CS2.

Valve had unveiled “CS:GO 2” earlier that year, teasing that the CS2: Limited Test would launch in the Summer. BLAST Paris Major was a notable culprit, too, with Pick’Ems and stickers announced on short notice. The event drew many players in-game to make tournament predictions.

Before the hype around CS2, CS:GO consistently fetched an average of ~620,000 daily players, peaking at a little more than 1.1 million concurrent players. This figure triumphs over the second-most popular esports title, Dota 2, which peaks at about 750,000 concurrent players.

Can I Play CS2 On Consoles?

No, you cannot play CS2 on a console, and it’s unlikely that it will ever be playable on a Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft console. It is exclusively available for Windows PC, SteamOS, and Linux platform. Unfortunately for Apple fans, Valve ended macOS support for CS2. That said, CS2 is playable on Steam Deck, though it currently lacks controller support.

CS2 – Twitch Stats 2024

Are you curious about the buzz CS2 is creating on Twitch? Here’s a rundown of the latest stats. 

  • Hours watched: 85,488,404
  • Hours Broadcast: 937,752
  • Average Viewers: 188,733
  • Max Viewers: 1,548,040

This recent data is mindblowing considering a few months prior, in December 2023, the stats were as follows:

  • Hours watched: 43,332,756
  • Hours Broadcast: 880,039
  • Average Viewers: 60,184
  • Max Viewers: 380,087

There is no doubt that this increase is mainly due to the top-tier tournaments happening at the start of the year. Be sure to also check out our list of the top CS2 streamers!

Note: These stats are courtesy of Sully Gnome and are accurate for the period Nov. 10 to Dec. 10, 2023.

Why Should I Play CS2?

CS2 is considered the greatest team-based FPS esports title of all time. And that’s because the game is built on reputability in the competitive space, demanding high skill and fostering a massive community of players.

CS2 brings several enhancements to the series, too, including reworked maps, better lighting, a new weapon loadout system, immersive smokes, and a sub-tick system that dramatically boosts CS2’s responsiveness. You can even inspect grenades! All of these features are neatly wrapped within the Source 2 engine.

In addition to having the smoothest competitive multiplayer experience, CS2 has given cheaters the axe! That’s thanks to the upgraded VAC Live system, designed to detect and ban hackers in real time. Overall, CS2 maintains the core elements that made CS popular in the first place.

There is no better time to play CS2 than right now. It’s a unique blend of legacy and innovation that not many other video games can offer.

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