Say Hello to the New EG Gold Roster

Say Hello to the New EG Gold Roster

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The all-female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) squad, EG Gold, is ready to shake up the North American scene! With three new additions, the iconic North American esports organization has now completed its new EG Gold lineup—and the excitement is palpable.

Want to learn more about EG Gold? We’ll explain what the squad is all about, including an introduction and some interesting information about all five players and their new coach!

Who is EG Gold?

EG Gold is Evil Geniuses‘ all-female English-speaking CS:GO roster. The division was previously known as Evil Geniuses Female before rebranding to EG Gold in October 2022. Two original members of the EG Gold roster—Anna “lovergirl” Gutierrez and Jessica “jesscas” Ngo— alongside coach Louis “onter” Contreras parted ways with Evil Geniuses on July 10, 2022.

The new EG Gold squad retains Long “PiggyKiki” Kiki and in-game leader (IGL) Kiara “m1lky” Makua from the original lineup, as well as Swedish player Tilde “7licious” Byström, who joined on March 9, 2023. Two new players—Juliana “Juli” Tosic and Vanessa “vanessa” Gideon—and coach Joseph “Muenster” Lima joined EG Gold on Aug. 11, 2023.

EG Gold Player Lineup:

  • Kiara “m1lky” Makua (IGL)
  • Tilde “7licious” Byström
  • Juliana “Juli” Tosic
  • Vanessa “vanessa” Gideon
  • Long “PiggyKiki” Kiki
  • Joseph “Muenster” Lima (Coach)

We’ll introduce all the EG Gold players below and share some of their background, including their player ratings and when they joined the organization.


Kiara “m1lky” Makua is the captain and IGL of EG Gold. The 27-year-old North American player has more than five years of experience in the CS:GO esports scene, starting her career in Dignitas fe, then a short stint at Sacrifice before joining EG Gold in August 2022.

Her leadership propelled the squad to claim a top spot at ESL Impact League Season 2 North America as well as a qualifying spot for the LAN Finals. m1lky’s competitive CS:GO rating is 1.07, with an impact rating of 1.11, according to HLTV metrics.


Swedish player Tilde “7licious” Byström boasts some of the best stats in the current EG Gold lineup from her time with Copenhagen Flames FE and NIP Impact. At a career rating of 1.17 and an impact rating of 1.18, 7licious brings a lot of firepower to the roster.

The 23-year-old joined the EG Gold team on March 9, 2023. We can’t wait to see Tilde “7licious” Byström perform on a big stage, and with her knack for clicking heads, she is sure to make a mark.


Formerly a Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) Red player, American Juliana “Juli” Tosic has a player rating of 1.13, an impact rating of 1.05, and a fantastic kill/death ratio of 1.16 across 42 competitive maps played.

The 23-year-old’s experience will surely boost EG Gold’s tactical prowess. She competed against the EG Gold in ESL Impact North America with top rivals CLG Red from July 2020 to August 2022.


North American CS:GO player Vanessa “vanessa” Gideon brings a lot to the table for EG Gold. She is a former Shimmer player with invaluable LAN experience that the team desperately needs. Her career rating of 0.95 per HLTV’s statistics, and improvement over the past two years, shows promise.

Vanessa’s experience on LAN can translate into success for EG Gold as they contest for a spot at ESL Impact League Season 4 Finals. If the team makes it to the LAN Finals, you’ll likely see vanessa shine against international opponents.


Chinese player Long “PiggyKiki” Kiki joined the Evil Geniuses Gold roster on Aug. 16, 2022. The 18-year-old has done well in the ESL Impact League against North American competition. Her career rating is 0.97, with an impact rating of 0.87. From her recent performances, PiggyKiki shows excellent promise as a rising star.

Muenster (Coach)

Joseph “Muenster” Lima is the new head coach of EG Gold following the departure of Louis “onter” Contreras. The 28-year-old North American has previously coached Party Astronauts and assisted Evil Geniuses’ CS:GO division in the position of strategic coach.

What Can We Expect from EG Gold?

As a team, the new EG Gold lineup is untested, and it will take some time for the players to synchronize properly. But judging by the new additions’ skill level, we expect great results from the squad. The ESL Impact League Season 4 North American Division is their first big test. EG Gold is one of the few teams directly invited to the event.

ESL Impact League Season 4 North American Division runs from Sept. 13 to Oct. 29. The two top teams will qualify for the LAN Finals of ESL Impact League Season 4 in Valencia, Spain, where the eight best female CS:GO squads will compete for their share of the $123,000 in December 2023. EG Gold has the potential to make it to the aforementioned LAN Finals, and hopefully, we will hear the crowd shout “USA, USA, USA!” as they compete.

Evil Geniuses Social Media

Below, you can find Evil Geniuses’ official website and social media accounts.

With the links to all the social media accounts in hand, you’ll never miss anything EG Gold does!

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