Fortnite Player Count

Fortnite Player Count

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Fortnite has hosted millions of players since its release. The game’s fiercely competitive environment is constantly evolving due to its collaborations with Marvel, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, and other popular projects. In response, players spend hundreds of dollars getting in-game cosmetics. So, player count of Fortnite is still quite high.

Fortnite can be played for free on most platforms. Thanks to this, it has become one of the biggest video games worldwide. So how many people are playing Fortnite in 2021? Is Fortnite dying? Let’s take a closer look.

How Many People Play Fortnite in 2022?

  • Fortnite has approximately 390 million active players across all platforms.
  • As of December 2021, the player count of Fortnite currently is over 3 million on average.
  • 60% of the Fortnite player community consists of the 18-24 age group.
  • As of November 2021, the monthly player count of Fortnite is 277,050,146.
  • Before it was banned on iOS, 116 million people played Fortnite on iOS.
  • When we look at the Twitch data in 2021, Fortnite is the 6th most-watched game.
  • According to Twitch, Youtube Gaming joint data, 389 million hours of Fortnite were watched in the first quarter of 2021.
  • In 2020, 3.3 billion hours were spent on Fortnite worldwide.
  • Fortnite is played in the United States with the highest rates of 27.52% worldwide. It is followed by Brazil with 8.08%, followed by Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany with 5%.

Fortnite Player Count 2022

Fortnite had a total of 30 million registered players as of its release in 2017. However, when we came to 2022, this figure exceeded 350 million, and it is currently unknown how many. The number of instant-monthly players varies according to events and events in seasons. But it should not be forgotten that the number of registered players does not mean that they are active players.

December 2021 Fortnite Player Count

Playercounter uses an algorithm to track the player count in Fortnite. According to the data from there, the total number of players playing Fortnite daily in December 2021 is 3,139,429. This shows us that the number of daily players of Fortnite is 30 million on average, based on all platforms.

It’s a vast number. These numbers emerged after Fortnite was banned from IOS. Because 116 million people played Fortnite on IOS. Fortnite has been removed from IOS due to conflicts between Epic games and Apple case.

Fortnite Events and Player Count

Fortnite Galactus Event

At the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Galactus event held in December 2020, 15.3 million players logged into the game at the same time. This means that Fortnite broke its own record. In addition to active players, 3.4 million viewers from Twitch and Youtube Gaming participated in this event.

Travis Scott Event

Another player record was broken at Travis Scott’s event in April 2020. In total, 12.3 million players logged into the game simultaneously to watch the Travis Scott concert.

Marshmello Concert

In February 2019, 10.8 million players simultaneously logged into the game to watch the Marshmello concert. This figure was considered a record in the gaming world at that time. As you can see, Fortnite, which has managed to attract the attention of millions of players by organizing unique events every year, continues to grow rapidly.

Fortnite Twitch Stats

Fortnite is in the top 5 among the most-watched games on Twitch as of 2021. When we look at these statistics, we see that Fortnite is a game that is still up to date.

Fortnite Last 30 Day Stats

  • Hours watched: 62,844,496
  • Hours broadcast: 3,894,403
  • Average viewers: 87,284
  • Max viewers: 1,028,087

2021 Fortnite Twitch Statistics

  • Hours watched: 991,914,092
  • Hours broadcast: 64,187,890
  • Average viewers: 113,232
  • Max viewers: 1,186,225

Difference Between Fortnite and Other Competing Battle Royale Games

There are two games in the industry that can rival Fortnite. One of them is Apex Legends, and the other is Call of Duty: Warzone. Apex Legends has an average of 800,000 to 1 million players every day. On the other hand, Warzone generally contains between 220 thousand and 300 thousand instant players.

The player count of these two games are very low when we consider Fortnite. Because the average number of active players of Fortnite exceeds 3 million, as it can be understood from here, it seems that there will be no competitor to Fortnite in the following period. It can be understood from these stats how popular Fortnite is.

On Which Platforms Can Fortnite Be Played?

Fortnite is a cross-platform game and can be played on so many platforms. You can play Fortnite on; Windows, Android, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 and 5.

Furthermore, Android gamers may only play against PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox One players that are also members of a crossplay party.

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