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Dota 2 Ranks Explained

Dota 2 Ranks Explained

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Confused about the Dota 2 Ranked matchmaking system? Have you seen terms like MMR thrown around but have no idea what they mean? You’re not alone. If you’re wrestling with these questions, don’t worry, because we’ve got the details you need to get more familiar with this intimidating system.

Here’s everything to know about the Dota 2 Ranks and how matchmaking rank affects your game.

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How to Play Ranked in Dota 2

To play competitive games (or “Ranked”) in Dota 2, you must play at least 100 hours of Unranked Mode, and link your mobile number to your Dota 2 account. You can do this in-game from the “Account” tab of the “Settings” menu. After verification and logging the necessary hours, you’ll be able to unlock ranked matchmaking. When this is done you can do into ranked mode and search for a Ranked or Role Queue game.

What are the Ranks in Dota 2?

There are eight different Ranks in the Dota 2 ranking system. The lowest rank tier is “Herald,” and the highest is “Immortal.” Each tier (except for Immortal) comprises five stars of progress (I-V) before promotion to the next Rank tier.

The Immortal tier features a separate leaderboard system that distinguishes the best Dota players with a numerical leaderboard position below the Rank medal. These medals are visible to every player before and during a Dota 2 match.

There are eight ranks in Dota 2 and you can see the breakdown of Dota 2 rank tier systems below:

  • Herald (I-V)
  • Guardian (I-V)
  • Crusader (I-V)
  • Archon (I-V)
  • Legend (I-V)
  • Ancient (I-V)
  • Divine (I-V)
  • Immortal

The names and matchmaking ranks of the top 5,000 Dota 2 players from each region (Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, and China) are displayed on the Regional Leaderboards. These boards typically list only highly skilled and professional players in Dota 2.

To qualify for this distinction, players must have: 

  • At least 300 lifetime matchmade games (Unranked or Ranked PvP only)
  • A minimum of 100 lifetime Ranked games
  • At least 14 calibrated Ranked matches within the same division in the past 21 days

What Is Matchmaking Rating (MMR)?

Matchmaking Rating (MMR) in Dota 2 is a rating system designed to quantify a player’s skill level. Essentially, a player gains MMR based on whether they win or lose a Ranked match. To further fine-tune this, every player undergoes a calibration phase, which sets the baseline of their MMR.

Calibration is no longer based on a fixed number of calibration matches, and is instead a process that determines a player’s initial MMR. In the new ranking system, calibration occurs whenever a player’s Rank Confidence—a measure of the rating system’s trust in the player’s Rank—crosses a certain threshold.

What Is Dota 2’s New Glicko Algorithm?

Historically, Valve used a modified ELO algorithm for matchmaking. However, due to unintended MMR clustering (in the 0-1000 MMR range) and the challenge of recovering MMR after a break, they pivoted to the Glicko algorithm.

The Glicko system introduces a confidence measure (Ranked Confidence) to its computations. This allows for finer MMR adjustments, and it factors in variables like player inconsistency or the system’s uncertainty about a player’s skill level.

This transition aims to enhance the Dota 2 matchmaking experience, facilitating rapid and precise pairings with evenly-matched opponents. The Glicko algorithm is believed to provide a more flexible and precise initial measurement of a player’s skill than the ELO algorithm.

How Does MMR In Dota 2 Work?

MMR is a blend of parts: Rank (an estimate of the player’s skill) and Rank Confidence (a gauge of the system’s assurance in that estimation). Every Ranked game played adjusts a player’s Rank based on the outcome and increases their Ranked Confidence as more data is gathered.

Importantly, MMR gain or loss is not fixed. Instead, it varies according to multiple factors like other players’ Ranks and Rank Confidence. However, if a player remains inactive their Ranked Confidence will slowly decrease over time. Keep in mind that an inactive players ranked confidence will decrease whether they’re Archon 1 or Divine 5.

MMR values serve as a dynamic, accurate tool for creating balanced matches. It reflects the player’s skill level and the system’s confidence in that skill level.

How Does Immortal Rank Work?

Immortal matchmaking features a slightly different system. In short, it is more than a numbers game. This prestigious tier puts a premium on team dynamics and synergy, eclipsing the traditional reliance on MMR alone in competitive matches.

Forget pre-formed teams. Instead, two captains will draft the other eight gamers onto each team, reinforcing the importance of role balance and team synergy.

Quick Tips for Improving Your Dota 2 Rank

Want to boost your MMR and climb the Dota 2 Ranks? Here are a few tips to improve your win rate in Ranked matches!

1. Master 5-6 Dota 2 Heroes

Mastering a few heroes in Dota 2 with potent solo carry potential can drastically improve your chances of ranking up. Opt for resilient heroes who rebound swiftly when the chips are down. Ideal picks include damage dealers with impressive survivability or split-pushing ability.

2. Review Your Ranked Gameplay

You’re only as good as your weakest link! Watch replays of your Ranked games and identify your mistakes. Better yet, engage in a self-dialog: Was it a good idea to play Riki Offlane? Did you need to buy two Boots of Speed? Learn from your mistakes and accept responsibility for your losses.

3. Hire A Coach

The insights you gain from an elite player can be a game-changer. Coaches can expedite the learning process by pointing out mistakes you would otherwise have taken months (or years) to recognize. This Dota 2 tip is especially beneficial to new players who don’t have years’ worth of bad habits to unlearn.

Dota 2 Ranks: Playing and Betting

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