How To Become A FC 24 Pro Player

How To Become A FC 24 Pro Player

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Are you thinking about taking your esoccer career seriously and becoming an FC 24 Pro Player? If so, you’re in the right spot! This guide will share a few pro tips to help you foster the skills and mindset necessary to become a professional FIFA esports player, setting you on the golden path to the FIFA Global Series and beyond.

Whether you want to leave your footprint in FIFA 23 or you’re looking to make strides in the new EA FC 24 e-soccer title, these strategies have been honed by titans like Manchester City’s Ryan Pessoa and Dutch superstar Manuel Bachoore. That said, here’s how to go pro in FIFA!

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Top 7 Tips To Become A FC 24 Pro Player

We’ve searched far and wide to gather top tips to help you forge your professional e-soccer career, including insights from some of the best FC 24 players worldwide. By employing these strategies, you’ll stand out from the crowd and potentially even gain the recognition of pro teams.

1. Be Realistic

A deep passion for FIFA and an immense enjoyment for e-soccer is imperative, but do you really have what it takes to go pro? While an intrinsic motivation will drive you to put countless hours into practice or overcome the many challenges of competitive play, you should be prepared for failure.

Passion fuels perseverance, but not everyone will have the opportunity to sign such a life-changing contract. And that’s absolutely fine! Like winning the lottery, the chances of becoming a professional FIFA player are slim. This is why simply enjoying the game can be equally as fulfilling.

2. Master The Gameplay Mechanics

Like most things in life, you must embrace a rigorous and consistent practice routine if your goal is to play alongside pros in the eWorld Cup. And this doesn’t just mean playing loads of matches. Instead, you must practice to refine specific mechanics to reach the required skill level.

That means analyzing your gameplay, identifying weaknesses, and working relentlessly on improving them. At the same time, you’ll need to master the game controls and establish a firm understanding of in-game tactics, player attributes, and team formations—skills common to professional FIFA players.

3. Take Care Of Your Physical And Mental Health

Self-care goes a long way. Managing your physical health and mental well-being is as important as honing FIFA skills. Professional gaming can be mentally taxing as it often requires very long hours of concentration and practice. So, balancing your routine with physical exercise and rest is vital.

Stress management is also imperative—take a break and “touch grass” from time to time while not neglecting good sleep. Ensure you’re getting your 7-9 hours, because it’s crucial in helping you improve your reaction time, mental clarity, and overall focus (especially during extended periods of gaming).

4. Engage And Network With Other FIFA Players

Building a network within the FIFA esports community is crucial. It’s not always about what you know, but also who you know! Participate in forums, share insights, and make new friends. This may even open doors to tournaments with larger prize money and sponsorships!

Networking also involves watching pro gamers play. You may learn new skill moves that you can adapt to your play style. While you’re at it, focus on growing a community on social media by recording and livestreaming your gameplay on Twitch and YouTube.

5. Learn From Your Mistakes

Want to go pro? Learn from your mistakes! No, seriously. All FC 24 pro players understand that defeats are a huge part of their growth. Analyzing losses and identifying areas for improvement is key.

Common approaches by top FIFA players include reviewing game footage (preferably with a coach), understanding why certain strategies failed, and figuring out what you could have done differently. This introspection helps develop a refined gameplay strategy, ensuring past mistakes aren’t repeated.

As a pro, you must also be ready to shake up your play style. This involves knowing when to attack, defend, or alter formations, and mastering the art of reading the opponent’s strategy. High-level play requires you to anticipate opponent moves and exploit weaknesses in their game.

6. Take Part In FIFA Tournaments And Leagues

You’ll need to get some competitive FIFA experience to go big. So, why not try qualifying for tournaments? Leagues like the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Division Rivals are a great starting point. They allow you to make a name for yourself and test your skills against other high-ranking players.

FUT Champions (formerly “Weekend Leagues”) is another way to gain entry into the highest tier of competition, like the EA Sports FIFA Global Series, while earning impressive rewards. Pro clubs often scout competitive environments like these for new talent, making them your ticket to bigger leagues.

Competitive play also helps you maintain focus during critical game moments and stay composed under stress. This is why you should view FIFA tournaments as learning opportunities first. Then, when you’re good enough, they’re a way to make some extra money.

7. Master Squad Builds

Lastly, you’ll do well to master building a balanced and effective squad. For instance, the best Premier League configuration will focus on chemistry. This includes pairing complementary player attributes and mixing pace, strength, skill, and tactical awareness, all while keeping up with the meta.

Remember, new patches lead to entirely new trends, so you’ll need to be inventive to avoid being left behind. Indeed, some FIFA squads will be expensive, so be sure to complete profitable Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) as part of a larger trading strategy to acquire the cards you need.

Launching Your FC 24 Esports Career

While practice is undoubtedly important to advancing your career in any esports game, the same applies to self-care and being realistic about your goals. It’s awesome if you intend to go pro, but you need to know exactly what that takes—like hours upon hours of practice, reviewing and learning from your mistakes, studying the meta, and watching the best players.

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Written byTHP

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