How To Unlock All Heroes In Overwatch 2

How To Unlock All Heroes In Overwatch 2

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Want to unlock heroes in Overwatch 2? Sure you do! Having permanent access to all the heroes in Blizzard Entertainment’s hero-based first-person shooter (FPS) means your team can easily employ the latest gameplay strategies.

Let’s take a look at how you can unlock all the characters, from the original 32 Overwatch heroes to the six new ones exclusive to Overwatch 2, including Illari, the Season 6 (Invasion) hero.

What Overwatch 2 Heroes Are Already Unlocked?

New players jumping into Overwatch 2 for the first time, who have never played the original, have access to the following 13 heroes:

  • Pharah
  • Reaper
  • Soldier: 76
  • Torbjorn
  • Tracer
  • Widowmaker
  • Orisa
  • Reinhardt
  • Winston
  • Zarya
  • Lucio
  • Mercy
  • Moira

While these 13 heroes provide a good first-time user experience, you’ll want to unlock the other 19 original heroes in Overwatch 2 as soon as possible.

How to Unlock Original Overwatch 2 Heroes

If you’ve previously purchased Overwatch 1, you’ll have immediate access to all 32 heroes from the original game via your account. New players must complete matches (any game mode) to unlock heroes in Overwatch 2 which include the original ones.

Overwatch HeroUnlock Requirement
GenjiComplete one match.
D.VaComplete two matches.
CassidyComplete three matches.
AnaComplete four matches.
HanzoComplete nine matches.
JunkratComplete 12 matches.
RoadhogComplete 15 matches.
SymmetraComplete 20 matches.
ZenyattaComplete 25 matches.
BastionComplete 30 matches.
SigmaComplete 40 matches.
AsheComplete 50 matches.
BrigitteComplete 60 matches.
MeiComplete 70 matches.
DoomfistComplete 85 matches.
BaptisteComplete 100 matches.
SombraComplete 115 matches.
Wrecking BallComplete 130 matches.
EchoComplete 150 matches.

Please note: To unlock heroes in Overwatch 2 you need to complete 150 matches. You cannot just join and leave Overwatch 2 games before they finish to get your tally up; these matches will not count.

There’s also the option to open your wallet and throw $4.99 at Blizzard for the Overwatch 2 Hero Collection. This digital content pack provides access to all legacy Overwatch heroes as well as three legacy Epic Overwatch skins and 1,500 Overwatch Credits.

unlock heroes in overwatch 2
Source: Blizzard

How to Unlock New Heroes in Overwatch 2

Since the release of Overwatch 2 on Oct. 4, 2022, the developers have unleashed six new heroes for players to unlock. The latest hero is Illari, a support-type character from Peru with a knack for solar-powered abilities. At the time of writing (late August 2023), Overwatch 2 is in Season 6 (Invasion). And with every upcoming season, players can expect more heroes to join the roster.

You can unlock all the new Overwatch 2 heroes by purchasing the Overwatch 2 Starter Pack for the new season at $9.99. Alternatively, you can purchase Overwatch Coins with real money and unlock heroes via the in-game shop.

If you’ve missed the first several seasons and want to unlock the new Overwatch 2 heroes without spending any money, we’ve got you covered with the challenges you must complete to unlock each one, from Ramattra to Illari.

Ramattra Hero Challenges

  • Wins For Ramattra: Win 35 games queued as All Roles or playing Tank heroes in Quick Play, Competitive, or No Limits.
  • Practice Void Accelerator: Eliminate three bots with Void Accelerator in the Practice Range as Ramattra.
  • Practice Ravenous Vortex: Use Ravenous Vortex during Omnic Form and Nemesis Form in the Practice Range as Ramattra.
  • Practice Pummel: Damage two bots simultaneously with Pummel during Nemesis Form in the Practice Range as Ramattra.
  • Practice Barrier: Absorb 30 damage with Void Barrier in the Practice Range as Ramattra.
  • Practice Block: Block 30 damage during Nemesis Form in the Practice Range as Ramattra.
  • Practice Annihilation: Extend the duration of Annihilation for six seconds or more in the Practice Range as Ramattra.

Kiriko Hero Challenges

  • Wins for Kiriko: Win 35 games queued as All Roles or playing Support heroes in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or No Limits.
  • Practice Kunai Crits: Get two critical kills with Kunai in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Healing Ofuda: Heal 250 damage with Healing Ofuda in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Protection Suzu: Use Protection Suzu on two allied bots simultaneously in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Swift Step: Use Swift Step through a wall to an allied bot in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Wall Climb: Use your passive Wall Climb in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Kitsune Rush: Buff two allied bots at the same time with Kitsune Rush in the Practice Range.

Sojourn Hero Challenges

  • Wins For Sojourn: Win 35 games queued as All Roles or playing Damage heroes in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or No Limits.
  • Practice Railgun Primary Fire: Eliminate three bots with Railgun’s primary fire in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Railgun Secondary Fire: Eliminate two bots with Railgun’s secondary fire in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Power Slide: Deal weapon damage during Power Slide in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Disrupter shot: Damage two bots with a single use of Disruptor Shot in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Overclock: Eliminate three bots with Overclock in the Practice Range.

Junker Queen Hero Challenges

  • Wins for Junker Queen: Win matches as a Tank hero in Quick Play, Competitive, or No Limits. As with Sojourn and Kiriko, you need to earn 35 wins.
  • Practice Scattergun: Eliminate three bots with Scattergun.
  • Practice Commanding Shout: Provide two friendly bots with the buff from a single use of Commanding Shout.
  • Practice Jagged Blade: Recall Jagged Blade while still stuck in an enemy.
  • Practice Carnage: Use Carnage on an enemy bot while impaled with Jagged Blade to pull them forward.
  • Practice Adrenaline Rush: Heal yourself using Adrenaline Rush.
  • Practice Rampage: Damage two enemy robots in one use of her Ultimate, Rampage.

Lifeweaver Challenges To Unlock

  1. Wins for Lifeweaver: Win 35 games queued as All Roles or playing Support heroes in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or No Limits.
  2. Practice Thorn Valley: Eliminate two bots with Thorn Volley in the Practice Range as Lifeweaver.
  3. Practice Healing Blossom: Restore 75 health with Healing Blossom in the Practice Range as Lifeweaver.
  4. Practice Life Grip: Use Life Grip on a bot in the Practice Range.
  5. Practice Petal Platform: Have you or a bot stand on the Petal Platform to lift it in the Practice Range.
  6. Practice Rejuvenating Dash: Restore 25 health to yourself with Rejuvenating Dash in the Practice Range.
  7. Practice Tree of Life: Restore 50 health and also block 50 damage with Tree of Life in the Practice Range.

Unlock Illari in Overwatch 2 Season 6

Players must reach Tier 60 in the Overwatch 2 Season 6 Battle Pass (free version) to unlock Illari, the new support hero. If you don’t feel like grinding through the Tiers, you can simply purchase the Premium Battle Pass for Season 6 to unlock the latest Overwatch 2 hero instantly.

Once Overwatch 2’s Season 6 ends, players who have not unlocked Illari will have to complete challenges akin to those of the other new Overwatch 2 heroes.

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