Important update to your Thunderpick wallet!

Important update to your Thunderpick wallet!

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We have important news for all Thunderpick bettors. 

Until now, the funds kept in your virtual wallet have been denominated in Thundercoins, with 1 EUR = 100 THC. Today, however, we are making some changes so that betting with Thunderpick is easier than ever before for bettors from around the world. 

Beginning today, instead of Thundercoins, all wallets will be denominated in Euros by default. All transactions and bets will be counted and paid in Euros and all deposits will be converted into Euros.

Goodbye, Thundercoin & hello, Euro!

But that’s not all. We’re also making your wallet more flexible by letting you choose from 15 different currencies as your display currency for your account. If thinking in Euros isn’t as intuitive for you as, for example thinking in USD, CAD, GBP or twelve other currencies, you can switch to whichever one is more convenient for you. 

It will look like this:

While you can customize your display currency, remember that all transactions and bets will be counted and paid in Euros and the equivalent you see in the currency that you choose will be based on the exchange rate in effect at the time of the bet or transaction. 

Displays in other currencies besides Euros are for convenience purposes only and small rounding errors may occur when switching currencies. 

Thanks for your attention and happy betting!

Written byTHP

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