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KA Gaming Games Review – Guide to KA Gaming Slots 

KA Gaming Games Review – Guide to KA Gaming Slots 

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KA Gaming stands for “Kick Ass” Gaming. Launched in 2014 in Taiwan, KA Gaming has become known for its fun, ambitious, and exciting approach to online casino games

Whether you play Golden Dragon (2022) or Cat and Mouse (2023), you can’t help but be immersed in the on-screen action. After all, it’s not just about betting money and spinning the reels, as KA Gaming is focused on providing a genuinely fun experience — almost like you’re playing a video game. 

Although KA Gaming is active in different iGaming subsegments, its main focus is online slots. The company has recognized the market demand for creative and innovative online slot games, which is why it has a multicultural team working behind the scenes to fill this space. 

Currently, KA Gaming has a fast-growing library of over 500 unique games. Here’s a breakdown of these games: 

  • 462 slots 
  • 33 fish table games 
  • 12 others 

As you can see, the majority of the KA Gaming casino library consists of slots. Additionally, there’s a nice selection of fish table games (which are arcade-style games) to choose from. Not to mention there are 12 other games, too, such as the highly popular Super Video Poker (2017). There’s something for everyone, but you’ll be extra happy if you’re a fan of online slots.

What makes KA Gaming stand out from the rest of the pack?

All of KA Gaming’s titles are HTML5-optimized and ready to play both on mobile and desktop. This also means you get faster load times and speedier gameplay, which is extremely important in the modern age of mobile gaming and gaming on the go. 

On top of this, KA Gaming has made its games compatible with over 100+ different currencies – including cryptocurrencies. This is great news for the Bitcoin gamers out there, as it means you can play some of KA Gaming’s most popular slots using some of the Bitcoin that you own. It gets even better. Each month, KA Gaming releases 10 to 18 brand-new games, which is an impressive output for any sized company — especially a smaller one like KA Gaming. Because their slot output is so crazy, it gives fans something to look forward to each time a new month starts, as they know they’ll be spoiled with fresh gaming content. For example, KA Gaming just recently released Scary Clown (2023) and Alice in MegaLand (2023), which both went down a treat with the fanbase.

ManufacturerKA Gaming 
SoftwareKA Gaming
Email[email protected]
CEODaniel Huang 

Has KA Gaming’s exciting approach to the world of online slot games got you interested? Great. You can place your bets now by creating an account with Thunderpick — an online crypto casino that offers some of KA Gaming’s best slots.

Games with Top RTP by KA Gaming

So far, everything is looking great for KA Gaming. However, the big question is this: do KA Gaming’s slots come with good RTPs? 

After diving into some research, we can tell you that KA Gaming is pretty good when it comes to RTP. Their highest-ranking slots all crack the 96%+ barrier, meaning they go above the industry average.

Here’s a closer look at the top RTP games from KA Gaming so that you know which ones to try first.

Game NameRTP
Wu Song96.3%
Crazy Circus96.2%
Pirate King96.2%
Zombie Land96.1%

The highest RTP slot, Wu Song (2020), is a 50-payline slot that introduces you to ancient Chinese culture, from stunning green land to ancient temples. The retro-style graphics and traditional Asian soundtrack also add an extra element of immersion to the gameplay. Once you start hitting that spin button, it’ll start to feel like you’re actually in the mountains! Plus, if you spin long enough, you might land 3 scatters and earn yourself 8, 15, or even 20 free spins. 

Don’t just go with Wu Song because it’s the highest-ranking RTP game, though. Some of the other slots on this list, such as Zombie Land (2019), are a lot of fun, too.

Top 10 KA Gaming Slots for 2023

Like millions of other people around the world, you might have started playing online slots in 2023 for the first time. If this is true, you’ve come to the right place, as we’re now going to provide you with a top 10 list of KA Gaming slots to try. All of these games come with free-to-play demo versions, which allows you to test them out before actually playing with real money. 

  1. God of Gamblers (2023)
  2. Miss Joker (2023)
  3. Bear Run (2023)
  4. Legend of Legends (2023)
  5. Wu Song (2020)
  6. Zombie Land (2019)
  7. Safari (2016)
  8. Alice in MegaLand (2023)
  9. Scary Clown (2023)
  10. Irish Coins (2023)

Remember, KA Gaming releases brand-new slots (and other online casino games) each month. Generally, the slots come with different themes and features, so it’s definitely worth checking them out.

KA Gaming Software Security

KA Gaming has been able to tap into different online casino markets around the world thanks to its safe and reliable games. All of KA Gaming’s RNG systems have been certified by GLI (Gaming Labs International), which allows us to conclude that the underlying algorithm used by KA Gaming is 100% fair and safe.

KA Gaming vs Other Providers

What holds KA Gaming back from other providers at the moment is its graphics. 

Almost all of KA Gaming’s releases have the same retro, arcade-style graphics. Sure, it works pretty well (and does create the intended effect), but it would be nice to see them launch more games with modern graphics that are powered by a better engine, too.

For example, you see providers like Yggdrasil regularly releasing games in different shapes and styles — you can never be quite sure what you’ll get next.

FAQ: KA Gaming

Are KAGaming Games Safe to Play?

Yep — as concluded earlier, KA Gaming’s different slots and online casino games are safe to play and enjoy. This is because KA Gaming’s RNG systems have been certified by GLI, which means their algorithm is 100% fair.

What is the Volatility of KA Gaming Games?

KA Gaming’s 462+ slots vary in volatility. Some have low volatility, while others fall in the medium to high range. It’s a case of filtering out the slots that have the volatility level you personally enjoy.

What Are the Best KA Gaming Slots?

It’s recommended that you start with God of Gamblers (2023), which is a brand-new release from KA Gaming that puts you (the player) slap-bang in the middle of a luxurious casino. Here, you can spin the reels in a fancy environment and potentially walk away with some big winnings. 
Also, don’t forget to try the likes of Wu Song and Crazy Circus, which come with noticeably higher RTPs.

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