Lux LoL Build Guide

Lux LoL Build Guide

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Want to scale the ranks to Platinum and beyond? Then unleash the full spectrum of the Lady of Luminosity’s power with the best Lux LoL build. A sentinel of light, Luxanna Crownguard is a formidable mage capable of swinging the tides of the most daunting matchups.

Her versatile toolkit includes potent crowd control, magic damage, and enviable utility, allowing you to step into the Rift not only as a support but as a radiant force that will lead your team to victory! Learn how to get the most out of this Champion using our guide.

Note: Aspects of this Lux support build may become redundant as the meta changes and with future patch updates.

Why Lux?

Lux is an incredibly flexible champion in LoL, with a respectable win rate of 49.5% as a support. Her versatility and ability to pivot into a secondary damage dealer are invaluable, especially when your team composition leans heavily toward AD damage or includes a tanky top laner or jungler.

Lux’s mix of utility and damage makes her a top pick for those looking to influence the game beyond the traditional support tasks. Particularly in lower ranks, where ADC performance can be unpredictable, opting for a damage-oriented Lux build can significantly increase your chances of victory.

Lux Runes

The Runes you use as Lux depends on your preference, playstyle, and specific matchup conditions. We’ve developed a flexible framework in our guide, but Lux players will need to adapt their Rune choices as necessary.

Primary Runes: Sorcery Path

  • Arcane Comet: When you damage an enemy with an ability, you will hurl a comet that deals adaptive damage at the foe’s location. The cooldown is reduced by the ability that triggers it.
  • Manaflow Band: Dealing with any type of ability damage to an enemy will increase your maximum mana. After this limit, you’ll permanently restore a percentage of your missing mana over time.
  • Transcendence: This Rune grants extra ability haste. At level 11, it reduces cooldowns on basic ability upon scoring a takedown.
  • Scorch: Hitting an enemy Champion deals bonus magic damage on your poke over a short period.

Arcane Comet boosts Lux’s poke, whereas Manaflow Band rewards Lux’s harass with sustained mana, which is particularly useful for drawn-out battles. Transcendence will buff her AH, while Scorch will boost Lux’s early-game damage.

Secondary Runes: Domination Path

  • Cheap Shot: This Rune lets Lux deal bonus true damage to enemy Champions impaired by specific crowd control effects of abilities or basic attacks. This includes Lucent Singularity’s detonation damage, which enhances her poke and burst potential.
  • Ultimate Hunter: Each unique champion takedown will grant a Bounty Hunter stack, reducing the cooldown of Lux’s Ultimate and, thus, offering more opportunities to strike foes in a match. This Rune also synergizes with general Ability Haste, amplifying Lux’s presence in LoL.

Pro Tip: Combining Cheap Shot with Arcane Comet and Scorch in your Lux support build can make for a nasty combo. It adds a burst of true damage to an already formidable harass.

Alternatively, you can run with Taste of Blood and Relentless Hunter runes, which are best suited for hyper-aggressive Lux players. These runes will dramatically amplify your impact in the laning phase and beyond. 

Taste of Blood provides a consistent source of healing whenever you land a poke or engage in trades, ensuring lane dominance. Together, your roaming potential is supercharged, allowing you to move and apply pressure in other lanes more effectively.

Lux Summoner Spells

  • Flash: This location-targeted spell causes you to blink a short distance to a designated location, allowing for a swift escape from a dangerous situation or the option to reposition during a team fight.
  • Ignite: This unit target spell will set an enemy Champion on fire. It deals true damage over time and applies Grievous Wounds, which reduces the target’s healing effects. It allows Lux to pressure the lane because it counters healing and complements her poke to land kills.
  • Exhaust (situational alternative): This unit-target spell weakens an enemy Champion by reducing their Movement Speed and outgoing damage by a significant margin over time. It’s an effective spell to use against high-damage targets like ADCs.
  • Barrier (situational alternative): Barrier can be considered an alternative, especially when paired with a self-sufficient ADC, allowing Lux to maximize her damage output by staying alive longer in fights.

Flash and Ignite will be your go-to Summoner Spells, especially if you want to snowball and become a secondary damage dealer as the game progresses. Exhaust or Barrier are otherwise great alternatives if the enemy team has Assassins like Zed or Talon that can dive the backline.

Remember, Lux can capitalize on her versatility and deal damage while still providing the utility the team needs to thrive (well, that is, if she can survive long enough to dish it out). 

Lux Items

Considering every League match is unique, the following items are offered as suggestions. You may need to adjust these items based on the in-game situation and your preference.

Starting Items

  • Spellthief’s Edge
  • Health Potions (2x)

Spellthief’s Edge is a typical option for poke-oriented supports like Lux, allowing her to gain gold by harassing enemies.


  • Sorcerer’s Shoes 
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity (situational alternative)

Sorcerer’s Shoes are best for capitalizing on Lux’s damage-dealing potential, while Ionian Boots of Lucidity provides Ability Haste, allowing her to have more utility from her Summoner Spells. Select the option that best aligns with your play style and the game’s conditions.


  • Luden’s Tempest (almost always)
  • Liandry’s Anguish (situational alternative)

Luden’s Tempest is the go-to for burst damage and poke—it’s ideal against teams with squishier champions or when your team needs more wave Clear. Liandry’s Anguish is better against tanky lineups, as it deals damage over time based on the enemy champion’s health percentage.

Note: Mythic Items will be removed from League of Legends starting January 2024.

Core Items & Situational Items

Only choose the most appropriate core items for your LoL match and playstyle.

  • Shadowflame
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Horizon Focus
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap 
  • Void Staff
  • Mejai’s Soulstealer
  • Morellonomicon (only if the enemy has a lot of sustain and heals)

Opt for Horizon Focus to enhance Lux’s burst damage. Otherwise, choose Mejai’s Soulstealer when you’re ahead and expect to end the game quickly, but be cautious, as dying can lose stacks, making it a risky item.

If the enemy carries target you often, consider prioritizing Zhonya’s Hourglass as your third item for its defensive utility and play-making potential. For a strong final item, Shadowflame offers additional burst and magic penetration, effective against squishy and tanky opponents.

Lux Abilities

  • Passive – Illumination: Lux marks enemies with Illumination for 6 seconds when she hits them with damaging abilities. Basic attacks or her Ultimate Ability will consume this mark to deal bonus damage.
  • Q – Light Binding: This move is a straight-line skill shot that roots the first two enemies hit and deals damage.
  • W – Prismatic Barrier: This move is a boomerang-style skill shot that shields Lux and any allied units it passes through. It shields again on the return.
  • E – Lucent Singularity: Lux throws down a circle that grants vision, slows enemies, and explodes for damage after 5 seconds or when reactivated.
  • R – Final Spark: This Ultimate Ability is a long-range laser that damages and reveals enemies. It consumes and then reapplies Lux’s passive.

Pro Tip: A common skill order is E>Q>W for a full AP Lux support build, leveling R whenever possible to emphasize lane control, poke, and aggressive plays in the early game, with utility and protection in the mid-late game.

How To Play Lux

Use Lux’s E (Lucent Singularity) to poke and pressure enemies in the laning phase, and when safe, follow up with an auto-attack to trigger her passive (Illumination) for extra damage. However, be cautious with your ability usage, as wasting them can leave Lux vulnerable, especially to ganks.

Try to keep your distance from the enemy ADC and support to minimize risk while slowly wearing them down for potential kills. In the mid-game, shift focus to vision control. This involves placing wards for your team and clearing enemy vision to maintain map control and safety.

In team fights, aim to use Lux’s Q (Light Binding) to immobilize priority targets. Also, use her W (Prismatic Barrier) to shield and protect your carries—doing this will contribute to the team’s survivability and overall fight potential.

Learning To Love Lux In LoL

Remember that the best Lux guide isn’t set in stone and that adaptability is key. Knowing when and how to use these suggestions in your LoL games will equip you with the knowledge to make smarter choices, boosting your win rate with this Champion.

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