NBA 2K Player Count 2024

NBA 2K Player Count 2024

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NBA 2K is a slam dunk in the e-basketball genre with a player count of 25,187 in June 2024! The franchise prides itself in delivering a hyper-realistic sports simulation with amazing visuals. It also features a star-studded roster, from legends like Michael Jordan to new hotshots like Luka Doncic.

In this guide, we’ll explore the NBA 2K player count in 2024, measuring it up against its predecessors. But we’re not stopping there. We’ll also take a look at the latest Twitch viewer stats, spotlight some top streamers to watch, and debate whether or not NBA 2K24 has lost its magic.

How Many People Play NBA 2K24 In 2024?

Many developers, including 2K Games, do not publish player count data for various reasons. They may do it for strategic marketing, to protect investor relations, or to avoid negative perceptions of their titles. This makes it almost impossible to determine the actual number of active players.

Luckily, we can lean on third-party estimates or other signals to assess the growing (or shrinking) player base. According to SteamDB, NBA 2K24 had an average daily player count of 13,166 between Feb. 11 and March 11, 2024. At its peak, the game had 30,363 players, reflecting an increase of about 136% in the same period.

However, this data is restricted to PC and Steam Deck players only. It does not include those playing on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch. NBA 2K24 has a far larger audience of console players, meaning its overall player base is larger than the SteamDB statistic suggests.

Case in point: the game has sold 7 million copies as of a Take-Two earnings call in early February 2024. Plus, it will be available on Xbox Game Pass from March through August 2024, which will no doubt lead to an uptick in players.

The table below offers a historic breakdown of the monthly NBA 2K player count on Steam:

MonthPeak Daily Players
Last 30 Days25,187
May 202424,482
April 202424,643
March 202430,363
February 202427,694
January 202415,000
December 202313,689
November 20239,129
October 20237,795
September 202311,552

Please note: NBA 2K24 player counts above reflect stats from SteamDB from the game’s launch date until the time of writing (March 11, 2023).

Is NBA 2K24 A Dead Game?

No, not exactly. The number of active NBA 2K24 players has indeed dropped since its launch in September 2023, but there’s a strong contingent of people playing the game. There are also many e-basketball leagues and tournaments taking place, each drawing a ton of esports and betting enthusiasts alike.

Calling NBA 2K24 a “dead game” wouldn’t be a fair statement. That said, there is an argument to support the game’s steep drop in players. Many influential community members claim that while the gameplay itself is robust, the microtransactions make the game feel like a cash cow.

Beyond this, NBA 2K24’s excessive realism compared to its earlier versions has alienated some players who feel the game simply isn’t fun anymore. Combine that with a seeming lack of innovation and poor visuals (most notable on PC) and there is a sense of consumer fatigue and overall loss in appeal.

How Does The NBA 2K24 Player Count Compare To Previous Titles?

How does NBA 2K24 measure up to its counterparts? The following statistics are courtesy of SteamDB and reflect the player and viewer data after the first month of each title’s launch.

NBA 2K TitleAverage PlayersPeak PlayersTwitch Peak

Based on this data, it is clear that NBA 2K24 has underperformed compared to its predecessors. Specifically, NBA 2K23 had the highest initial player count at launch, boasting a 25% increased active player count compared to the previous year. However, the initial peak players in NBA 2K24 dropped sharply by 56%.

Why is NBA 2K losing players? These statistics support the sentiment that gamers have grown tired of what they call a lack of innovation by the developers, especially given their current monopoly in the e-basketball arena. Players are also upset about the poor badge progression system, which seems to deliberately point to microtransactions.

NBA 2K24 Twitch Viewer Counts

At launch, NBA 2K24 saw record-high viewership of up to 190,403. However, these numbers have dropped to around 15,900 peak viewers. You can view some more key Twitch viewer statistics below:

  • Hours Watched: 3,490,170
  • Hours Broadcast: 683,034
  • Average Viewers: 4,847
  • Max Viewers: 24,327

Note: These stats come from SullyGnome and are accurate for June, 2024.

Who Are The Top NBA 2K24 Streamers?

Despite dwindling viewer stats, NBA 2K24 is still the flagship title of e-basketball. Here are some of the top streamers playing the game today:

Note: We ranked these creators by hours watched between April, 2024 to reflect organic NBA 2K24 viewership. The stats are via Streams Charts.

Why Should You Play NBA 2K24 In 2024?

Do you need a reason to play NBA 2K24 in 2024? Here’s why this e-basketball game is still worth playing:

Play It For The Passion

Do you like basketball? If so, you can play NBA 2K24 as a way to experience the sport in a virtual setting. In addition to its MyCareer mode, you can even try your hand at managing an NBA team with MyNBA. It features fully licensed content and regular updates to keep things fresh!

Thrilling Competitive Environment

You can also go pro by playing against e-basketball players in the NBA 2K League. You’ll just need to be drafted by competing in the League Combine or making a name in qualifying events. The NBA 2KL is the closest thing to being selected to play for the NBA and comes with high honor.

Are you looking for even more ways to enjoy NBA 2K24? Check out our e-basketball betting page to learn how you can place live bets on your favorite 2KL teams today!

Always practice Responsible Gambling and check out our latest promo offers and boosts. T&Cs apply. 18+ to play.

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