Overwatch Ranking System Explained

Overwatch Ranking System Explained

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If there’s anything more exciting and intense than Overwatch’s fun modes Arcade or Quick Play, it’s Competitive Mode. This hot-headed mode, where the competition is at its peak, is the same as the ranked we know from other online games. The Overwatch ranking system does not have distinctive features, but it has a unique atmosphere. Let’s find out together what it is.

Overwatch players compete in Competitive Mode to advance through the game’s different ranks. You must also play a bit frequently and professionally if you want to progress through the levels. Players of all types determine their abilities by their best roles and grinds ranked matches.

Ranking up in Overwatch may seem like a scary and long-term event. But if you dig into the details, it’s actually easier and more fun than you think. All you need is patience and a little knowledge…

In this article, we will tell you about the Overwatch ranking system, SR and how to quickly increase in ranked matches.

What is SR in Overwatch Ranked?

SR literally means “Skill Rating.” Each player is eligible for SR after playing Placement Matches. Before playing Competitive in Overwatch, remember that you will have a different SR for each role. When you select one of the DPS, Support, Tank roles, you will receive an SR that only affects your games in this role. And if you choose Open Queue, you only have one average SR as before.

After completing Placement Matches (5 matches), you will be assigned a rank based on the number of games you have won. We would like to remind you that if you have a rank in previous seasons, it will also affect it. In short, Your wins, losses, and general performance throughout placements are essential. But if you’ve played numerous seasons, they’re less important.

Each competition season, SR is a hidden rating that is determined. While each season lasts around two months, it is possible to change your SR within that time. Keep in mind that between seasons, Blizzard does not reset SR rankings.

How is Overwatch SR Determined?

Placement games end with five matches in the role-choice queue and ten matches in Open Queue. After these matches are completed, you simply gain or lose points based on your win or loss rate in the Competitive games you play.

So the more games you win and the more you win-streak, the more points you get, and the faster you rank up. We know it’s easier said than done. But if you’re someone who plays Overwatch all the time, after a while, this will seem like a piece of cake to you.

While draws are uncommon in Overwatch, they can occur on specific maps and have no impact on your rank. If a game ends in a draw, neither team gains nor loses points. This may seem like a waste of time, but turning a losing game into a draw will be in your favor. Even if you don’t earn any SR, it’s better than losing so much that it’ll take several victories to recover.

overwatch ranking

For the average player, determining how much SR you gain or lose from any one match is nearly impossible. Blizzard hasn’t exactly explained how this system is calculated. How the Overwatch ranking system works is still a hidden metric and quite difficult to unravel. Some players have had theories about this for years, but since none of them are official, we can’t base them.

Useful Data About SR

Overwatch’s lead game designer, Scott Mercer, has provided some insight into how SR is determined:

“if a player has multiple wins or losses in a row where they demonstrate this gap in perceived vs. actual skill, we further accelerate the adjustment as appropriate.”

Mercer also noted that Blizzard wants “…to minimize the number of matches that are created with players whose skill rating does not match their actual level of play. This results in improved fairness and quality of matches for everyone.”

This means in practice, certain factors at some point determine your SR. For example, your team’s overall score, the average rank of the players on your team and the average rank of the players on the opposing team, your own performance, and your win-lose streak. Also, while win streaks may stack, losing streaks don’t.

While we can never be entirely sure, the bottom line the more games you win, and the better you play the game, the faster you rank up in Overwatch.

What are the Overwatch Competitive Ranks?

After their placement matches, Overwatch players will be placed to any rank from Bronze to Grandmaster. Each rank corresponds to a distinct tier. You progress to the next rank after you have enough SR. If you lose too much, you may be demoted.

Beyond Grandmaster are the Top 500, but we count them as a title, not a “rank” because Top 500s can be either Grandmaster or Master ranks. It all depends on the player’s good playing and match history. Diamond Top 500 has been seen very rarely.

After Placement Matches, most Overwatch players start playing from Silver, Gold, or Platinum. If your rank was high in the previous season and you won most of your Placement Matches, you have an excellent chance of starting at a high rank. In this way, you will have a chance to rise more easily and faster.

The Gold rating has the biggest concentration of players (32%), with 78% of players ranking Silver, Gold, and Platinum. However, more than 60% of players fall into the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers, which are the most comparable in terms of gaming experience. This implies that when playing Overwatch, the majority of gamers share a similar experience.

what are the overwatch ranks

Here is the list of Overwatch ranks:

Bronze1- 1499
Silver1500- 1999
Gold2000- 2499  
Platinum2500- 2999
Diamond3000- 3499
Master3500- 3999
Top 500 TOP 500 players represent the best players in that region regardless of their rank.

But of course, there are a few exceptions. It is useful to consider these;

If players in Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond fail to maintain the minimum SR for that tier over five games, they will be moved to lower skill tiers, while players in Master, Grandmaster, and Top 500 will be moved to lower skill tiers immediately if they fail to maintain the minimum SR.

Players may compete in Competitive Play as a group; however, the following limitations apply:

  • All group members’ SRs must be within 1000 of each other for players rated Diamond and lower. For Master players, this SR range is dropped to 500, and for Grandmaster and Top 500 players, it is reduced to 350.
  • Grandmaster and Top 500 players are only allowed to establish two-player groups.
  • Players who did not complete their Placement Matches will not be allowed to join groups with Diamond and higher-level players.

Overwatch Ranking System In Detail

Overwatch gaming is a vastly different game at various levels of competitive play. We’ll look at those distinctions of ranks in this part so you can get a sense of what they’re like. We’re going to show you, in order from the lowest rank to highest, what it’s like to be in that rank without being in that rank, with a few general assumptions.

ranking system in detail

Bronze- Silver

Since these two ranks are very close to each other, and players often fall and rise between these ranks, we will consider them together.

In the Bronze and Silver ranks, players usually prioritize playing their favorite hero in their favorite role. And they prefer to play the hero they want directly, without considering the coordination elements of the team, regardless of whether they are in defense or attack, and regardless of whether the team has two shields, two hitscans.

In addition, communication is seen at a minimum in these ranks. The microphone is one of the most critical factors in the Overwatch ranking system because it is a very fast game, so it is necessary to provide information. This is a rank where those who do not know the game very much and do not spend much time on the game. Players who are placed here usually rank up in a short time, and 30% of players are placed here after their Placements.


Players who get rid of Silver make a quick transition to Gold, but have a hard time moving up from Gold to Plat, which is a higher rank. But if they show enough dedication, it’s very easy to get out of Gold. Players in the Gold rank are usually those who only play the game for fun and do not spend a lot of time on the game.

You’ll see a lot of meta heroes here;, Reinhardt, Ana (a lot of Ana), etc. Here, players often become attached to a hero and continue to play it no matter what. While they should change heroes according to the course of the game, they do not care about it.


When you reach this rank, you can relax a little more. Players in this rank are more foresighted, insightful, and know team coordination. They understand what team composition is, and they do their best.

40% of Overwatch Competitive players are in this rank, and the players here are good players who are highly focused on the game. Plat players’ mechanics have improved a lot lately, and their timing is on track to be great.


Diamond is one of the most competitive areas in the game. There are no mistakes here anymore, everyone is trying their best, and only the most minor mistakes determine whether we can win the game or not. Diamond players look to Overwatch as a passion.

They know when or how to use their ultimates, how to best coordinate as a team, the importance of communication, and most importantly, not demoralizing teammates without getting toxic.

In addition, players at the Diamond level are players who have grasped and memorized many tactics of all the maps in the game. They have their own strategies.


Only professionals are welcome here. Now everyone knows what they are doing, and they probably know each other because the number of players here is less than the others. You might still meet someone famous, who knows?

Mistakes are very rare here, and play times are longer because the competition is at the highest level. Everyone takes refuge in a role and does not go out of that role. They know all the heroes in that role and their strategies by heart.

You won’t have to worry about anyone missing a skill shot, failing a critical play, or not understanding what to do at any given moment since the Masters stage will have perfect technical knowledge of the game.


And finally, the highest rank in Overwatch, the Grandmaster. There is nothing above here. There are no better players than here. Some of your favorite Overwatch League players or Twitch streamers may be found here. When you watch Overwatch live matches, you can expect to witness this level of play. Although few players would ever achieve this level, it is certainly something to strive for.

Overwatch Ranked Suspensions

Normally, when you play Quick Play, when there is an AFK or a leaver in your team, you will see someone else enter in seconds. But that’s not how things work in Competitive Mode. Because this mode is more serious, for the sake of fairness, no one is substituted for the person who leaves.

This mode is available for players who want a more serious Overwatch experience. Players who leave their team before the end of the match will receive harsher penalties. Players who leave before the end of the match will be temporarily suspended from Competitive Mode. Their honor level will drop, and they may progress to a permanent ban if this action is found to be continued.

warning for overwatch users

That’s why, when you will play your Competitive matches, take care to coincide with your available time as much as possible. Your team will be incomplete without a DPS, healer, or tank, as Overwatch is a very fast game and a very difficult game to win without the participation of literally six people on a team. This is a huge loss for them. That’s how serious the Overwatch ranking system is.

Overwatch Ranked Rewards

The higher your rank in Overwatch, the more varied and rich rewards you will receive at the end of each season. There are some rewards you can earn by playing Ranked.

But without waiting for the end of the season, there is a very cool and impressive feature known as the Golden Gun in the game, which turns that hero’s own weapon into gold. Each hero has a unique Golden Gun.

After each win, a small amount of CP (15-30) is gifted, and you can buy the Golden Gun for any hero by accumulating these CP. Golden Guns require 3000 CP per hero and are very difficult to accumulate. If you’re a regular Overwatch player, it may even take several seasons to accumulate.

overwatch season 31

Also, at the end of the season, you get CP rewards based on your rank. You can get your Golden Gun in a short time by accumulating these rewards. Additionally, each player who completes Placement Matches is awarded a spray and player icon unique to that season.

Tips to Rise In Overwatch Rank

  • Always try to use a microphone. Communication is vital in this game because Overwatch is a game that requires fast and constant information. If you make the slightest mistake, you will lose the team fight.
  • Know the maps well. Memorize the key points of a map and know where to proceed. Thus, you will know which hero will be played on which map.
  • Set yourself a role. Of course, you may find it enjoyable to play all the roles, but it always makes more sense to go through one role. The roles in Overwatch contain very different mechanics, but the mechanics of the heroes in the same role are very similar, so you can master them all without difficulty.
  • Play with the group. Overwatch is a game that requires coordination and composition, such exciting and effective combos like the Zarya and Hanzo, and Reinhardt can win you the game. Also, make sure that healers don’t die.
  • Stop playing on lose-streaks. If you love to play Overwatch and losing makes you hate the game, at least take a break for the rest of the day. Sometimes this curse happens to all of us, and a little distance can help you get back to the win streak.


In this article, we told you how the Overwatch ranking system works, what kind of atmosphere the ranks in the game have, and how you can rank more easily. We hope you can reach the high rank you want in a short time by following these steps!

If you have any questions or questions about the Overwatch ranking system or more, you can contact us immediately.

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