Path To The Pros: Your Gateway To Competitive Gaming Glory

Path To The Pros: Your Gateway To Competitive Gaming Glory

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HEROIC and Thunderpick are joining forces to bring gamers a thrilling opportunity with the “Path To The Pros” tournament series. Spanning from July to October 2024, this series offers both amateur and experienced gamers the chance to compete in bi-weekly single-elimination brackets, vying for a share of $17,500 in prize money and the ultimate prize: a show match against the HEROIC lineup.

For more information, rules, schedule and a complete list of prize money up for grabs head over to the dedicated Path To The Pros page. 

Tournament Breakdown:

  • Dates: Every other Saturday from July 6 to October 12, 2024.
  • Format: 5v5 online matches, best-of-one, single elimination.
  • Brackets: Two skill levels (Faceit 1-7 and 8-10).
  • Prizes: $2,500 prize pool for the bi-weekly bracket, $15,000 prize pool at the main event, meaning a total of $17,500.
  • Final Event: The top teams compete in a professionally produced online tournament, leading to a show match with HEROIC in January 2025 (TBC)

How to Join:

  1. Registration: Sign up on the HEROIC Faceit page.
  2. Team Requirements: Minimum 20 Faceit matches (for Faceit level 1 – 7), 5 players per team, European region.
  3. Server Locations: Various servers across Europe including Netherlands, UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Moscow, and Finland.

Key Features:

  • Coaching Allowed: Teams can include a coach in the spectator slot.
  • Streaming: Participants can stream their matches with a 120-second delay while  also using Thunderpick Path to the Pros (or the abbreviated version, Thunderpick P2P) in the stream title.
  • Consistent Competition: Winners of each bracket can re-enter and compete for more prizes.

Stay connected and updated through the dedicated Discord community and ensure your team meets all the entry requirements. For detailed rules, schedule, and registration, visit the Path to the Pros page.

Embark on your journey from passionate gamer to professional esports contender with HEROIC and Thunderpick!

Written byTHP

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