Join our DotA 2 Esports Quiz and win some prizes!

Only one team will be crowned champion this weekend at The International 2022 but you can be a Dota2 champ too in our esports quiz! Join us on October 30 at 8:00 am UTC (4 am ET; 9 am CET) and answer questions about everyone’s favorite MOBA and cool prizes! 

The quiz will take place on Thunderpick’s Discord server.

Who qualifies for the quiz:
Players who have at least 1 deposit at the time the quiz starts.

1. Each quiz consists of 5 questions, asked in turn
2. Each question takes 30 seconds to answer. After the admin writes “Stop”, answers are no longer accepted
3. The first user who answers the question correctly receives the prize.
4. Winners will be rewarded with a bonus up to 48 hours after the quiz.

There are 5 prizes to be won, each of 20EUR, turnover requirement x3.

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