The 5 Best Moments From The Thunderpick EU Series 1

The 5 Best Moments From The Thunderpick EU Series 1

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The Thunderpick EU Series 1 has now come to an end, with MOUZ crowned as champions. After a nail-biting duel with BIG, we are now ready to relive some of the highlights of what was a breathtaking CS:GO Series. Teams from all over the EU battled it out and gave us some jaw-dropping moments. There were even quite a few surprises, and one or two upsets along the way. 

So as we look forward to the NA and EU Series 2, let us count down some of the best moments delivered during the Thunderpick World Championship EU Series 1.

#5 – Krasnalox’s unique skill

Sometimes you wonder how a player does it. Is it intuition? Is it luck? It’s still up for debate with this magical shot from krasnalox who one-tapped an enemy through the smoke. ​

#4 – S1n’s 1vs2 post-plant situation

In this first pistol round gave BIG the advantage thanks to an impressive play by s1n. It was a 1vs2, post-plant situation but that wasn’t a problem for s1n who executes two headshots and defuses the bomb.

#3 – Freeze’s Ace

Another awesome pistol round comes at us by Freeze (ALTERNATE aTTax) against BIG. There was no need for anyone else on the ground. Freeze went in and cleaned out the whole map giving him a worthy Ace.

#2 – Spiidi – 1vs3 – Apeks v Alternate Attax

If there’s ever an argument for spraying it would be this play by Spiidi. There wasn’t much time on the clock but he managed to clear two enemies, then goes on to plant the bomb and goes for the clutch after a very risky move which pays off. 

#1 – Torzsi – 4 USP-S HS kills

Torszi showed what a top-tier player he is in this play. It was beautifully set up and torszi took the opportunity with his USP-S to clear the A bomb site with the cleanest double headshots we’ll probably get to experience in this tournament.

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