Thunderpick NA Series 1 – The Best Moments

Thunderpick NA Series 1 – The Best Moments

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Wildcard have been crowned champions of the Thunderpick NA Series 1 after a nail-biting match against M80 and both teams have now qualified for the Finals Group Stage happening in October 2023. 

So now that the Thunderpick World Championship NA Series 1 has come to an end we will be counting down the top 7 most thrilling moments of the tournament.

#7 – Dea’s 1vs3 situation

FluffyAimers were in the lead but they just couldn’t get going in this round. In the last moments, Dea goes for a 1vs3 situation and claims all the kills but unfortunately is too late to get to the defuse.

#6 – Reck’s Precision

At number seven we have a finals play where we witnessed Reck’s (M80) precision and patience. In this clip, he manages to get three kills with his AK, with two of them being headshots showcasing great on-the-spot decision-making. 

#5 – Cyrix vs M80

What is probably one of the cleanest clutches of the Series, at number 6 we have Cyrix going up against M80 in this 1vs4 clutch. It’s a beautiful play that showcases the talents of Cyrix.

#4 – Madss MP9 clutch

Some high-octane gameplay by Madss in this round thanks to his position on the map. He gets two kills with his MP9 and wins the round for Take Flyte.

#3 – malbsMd – 1vs4 clutch

It wasn’t looking good for M80 in this round but thanks to malbsMd they manage to turn it around and win the round. MalbsMd gets his 1vs4 clutch against Party Astronauts and leaves viewers astonished with this play.

#2 – SLIGHT’s Ace!

At number 2 is one the maddest plays of the Thunderpick NA Series 1 and it comes from Wildcard’s SLIGHT. He’s in a 1vs4 situation with his trusty AWP. He picks off each of the remaining Fluffy Aimers players one by one whilst hiding in the smoke. For his last kill, he only has one bullet left and he gets the kill with a no-scope to also complete his ace. Brilliant play!

#1 – Juli’s 2nd 1vs4 clutch

Without any doubt, the best moment came during the ex-Snakes Den vs Evil Geniuses Gold. It was a 1vs4 situation with only Juli left in the EG Gold team and a ticking clock against her. The bomb was planted yet she still managed to force her way in and get the 1vs4 clutch and defuse the bomb. What made this even sweeter was that this was her second 1v4 clutch situation in this game.

The Thunderpick World Championship is an ongoing CS:GO tournament with a $600,000 prize pool. The next games will be happening on July 27 in the EU Series 1. Make sure you catch all the action and check out the latest CS:GO odds at Thunderpick.

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