Thunderpick Skins Giveaway: Bet On TWC 2024 To Win CS2 Skins Worth Up To €5,000

Thunderpick Skins Giveaway: Bet On TWC 2024 To Win CS2 Skins Worth Up To €5,000

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In honor of the Thunderpick World Championship, we’re introducing the Thunderpick Skins Giveaway. We will be giving away a skin worth €1,000 in every Qualifier – that’s a total of six CS2 skins. And in the final stages, we will have a skin worth up to €5,000 to giveaway.

Over the next few months, the best teams from around the globe will be fighting for a spot in the World Finals, as well as a share of our biggest prize pool yet: $1,000,000.

The next qualifier is the SA Qualifier #2 happening between July 17 and July 22, 2024. All you need to do is bet at least €75 in the qualifier and you’ll be in the running to win the skin. But remember if you want to grab that sweet €5,000 skin you’ll need to have placed a bet on every qualifier together with the main event. The qualifiers will take place as follows:

  • EU Qualifier #1 (April 1 – April 22): CS2 skin won
  • South America Qualifier #1 (May 11 – May 16): CS2 skin won
  • North America Qualifier #1 (May 19 – May 24): CS2 skin won
  • North America Qualifier #2 (June 4- June 9): CS2 skin won
  • South America Qualifier #2 (July 17 – July 22): your next chance to win
  • Europe Qualifier #2 (August 19 – August 31): TBA

Here’s how to enter the Thunderpick skins giveaway:


We’re giving away a total of seven CS2 skins: one worth up to €1,000 during each of the six qualifiers, plus a final skin worth up to €5,000 during the Main Event.


The giveaway will be running throughout the Thunderpick World Championship, from April 1 to October 24, 2024.


Bet at least €75 during a qualifier for a chance to win a CS2 skin worth up to €1,000.

Place bets of at least €75 on each of the six qualifiers plus the Main Event for a chance to win the final CS2 skin worth up to €5,000.

Terms and Conditions

• Promotion period: 1.04.2024 – 24.10.2024
• To qualify for the giveaway bets worth at least €75 have to be placed on each of the following stages of Thunderpick World Championship 2024:
a. EU Qualifier #1 (April 1 – April 22)
b. South America Qualifier #1 (May 11 – May 16)
c. North America Qualifier #1 (May 19 – May 24)
d. North America Qualifier #2 (June 4- June 9)
e. South America Qualifier #2 (July 17 – July 22)
f. Europe Qualifier #2 (August 19 – August 31)
g. World Finals (October 1 – October 24)
• Only single (pre-match and live) bets count toward the promotion.
• Only bets placed with real money funds count toward the promotion.
• No cash-out or voided events.
• The winner will be randomly selected from the list of all eligible players and contacted via email.
• The prize will be provided as a Virtual Mastercard that can be used on the skinport.com site (5,000 EUR worth).
• The winner must reply to the email message providing their full name, address, phone number.
• If a response is not received within a week of sending the email, another player will be chosen and contacted.
• Thunderpick reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the Promotion at any time.

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