What is Hearthstone?

What is Hearthstone?

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Based on the Hearthstone Warcraft universe, it was developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2014 as a completely free-to-play card game. It didn’t take long for it to reach a large number of players from the moment it was released as it supports cross-platform play. With this success, tournaments with big prizes began to be held as Blizzard wanted Hearthstone to play an important role in the eSports industry. In short, Hearthstone is a game where you fight against your opponents on a board with cards with various features. Now let’s take a closer look at what Hearthstone is and what it isn’t.

As you know, if you are a fan of card games, you know that the best example of this genre is Magic: The Gathering. However, Hearthstone has reached the top due to its popular playing style, World of Warcraft, and Diablo inspirations on its cards.

In-game Overview

  • The most important thing to know at first is that there are classes in Hearthstone. There are ten classes in total belonging to the Warcraft universe.

These classes are as follows;

Demon Hunter: Hero – Illidan Stormrage – You get +1 attack in the round played.

Druid: Malfurion Stormrage – You gain +1 armor and +1 attack.

Hunter: Rexxar – You deal +2 damage to the opponent’s hero.

Mage: Jaina – You inflict +1 damage to the enemy unit on the opponent’s board.

Paladin: Uther – Summons 1/1 strength Silver Hand Recruit.

Priest: Anduin – Heal your allied units, adding +2 health.

Rogue: Valeera – You get a weapon with +1 Attack and +2 Durability. 

Shaman: Thrall – Summons one of 4 minions in total with his ward.

Warlock: Gul’dan – Draws a card, losing 2 Health points.

Warrior: Hellscream – Gain +2 Armor.

How to Play Hearthstone?

As you can see, each class we have listed has its own characteristics. In general, you determine your strategy according to the class you choose in the beginning.

  • To be able to play some classes, you need to complete the challenging modes. This is an essential detail for new players. By learning the game with artificial intelligence, you will both improve yourself and unlock other classes.
  • If you have passed the classes subject, you can now start building a deck for yourself little by little. You can have a maximum of 30 cards in each deck you create. While creating the decks, you should read the features of the cards well and determine a strategy for yourself.
  • Try not to have as many cards that require 6-7 mana as possible when building a deck. Otherwise, you will suffer a heavy defeat in the early game. If the majority of your deck consists of cards that require 2-3 mana, you will lose in the late game even if you are successful in the early and mid-game because you will need powerful finishing cards for the endgame.
  • You will need cards of different characteristics to create your ideal deck. Never buy a card pack for this. Instead, try to collect the crafting material “Arcane Dust” by playing the game for a certain time. Then you can craft the cards you want using these dusts.

Common Cards: 40 Arcane Dust is required to craft these cards.

Rare Cards: You need 100 Arcane Dust in total.

Epic Cards: You’ll need 400 AD.

Legendary Cards. 1600 Ad is required. Also, these cards are the strongest cards in the game.

1 Thing to Get More GOLD and DUST in Hearthstone

  • Now that you are ready, the last detail you need to follow now is, of course, meta. Blizzard brings updates to HS from time to time. Some cards determine the meta by getting buffs or nerfs.

Card Types and Functions

There are different types of cards in the game. It is not possible to write down the characteristics of all cards. But we will try to talk about it in general.


Minions are creatures that fight for you on the board. The difference between minions and other cards is that they have a specific attack and health value. Generally, you attack the opponent’s minions and even your hero using these cards. 

Features of Minions

Taunt: It has a shield sign on it. And it is used to protect other minions. Your opponent must attack your taunt card before attacking you and other minions.

Trigger: These are cards that need to be triggered with various features. It has a lightning bolt under it.

Deathrattle: Indicates the effect that will appear after the minion dies.

Inspire: If the class you chose has Inspire effects, you can use it.

Poison: These minions immediately destroy the enemy they attack, regardless of their attack value. There is a green symbol at the bottom of the card.

Spell Damage: Minions with this feature can increase heroes’ damage that deal spell damage.

Ongoing: These cards give extra abilities to other minions as long as they stay on the board.

Stealth: These cards cannot be attacked by enemy minions and heroes while invisibility is active.

Windfury: These cards attack twice in the same turn.

Silence: Let’s say that one of your opponent’s cards is strong enough to throw one at you with the 

buffs they have received. No problem, using this card, you can silence the opponent and remove all the buffs they have received.

Enrage: If these cards survive the attack they receive, they gain an extra buff.

Freeze: It freezes as it says in its name.

Divine Shield: Cards equipped with this effect will not be affected once if you attack them, no matter how high their attack value.

Minion Types

  • Beast
  • Demon
  • Dragon
  • Mech
  • Murloc
  • Pirate
  • Totem
  • General

Spell Cards

When such cards are used, they activate the magic on them. Some spell cards are Secret. They can be activated according to the moves of the opponent. You usually use spell cards when you want to apply deep tactics. Spell cards can damage the opponent’s hero and minions, while at the same time, you can strengthen your minions, give life to your hero, or summon new ones.


Weapon cards give your heroes a weapon with different characteristics. Each weapon has its own unique feature and usage limit. Rogue and Paladins are important classes in terms of weapon use.

Hearthstone Game Modes

For players new to Hearthstone, we would like to briefly describe the modes available in the game.

  1. Standard PVP Mode

This mode is where the Hearthstone community spends the most time. Players try to improve themselves by playing casual or ranked matches. You can also rise in the ranking system with the points you get from ranked matches.

Have you ever wondered what is the highest rank in Hearthstone? The answer is Legend. If you want to reach those levels and compete against master players, you need to practice a lot and learn the deep strategies of the decks.

  1. Wild PVP Mode

We can say that it is the same as the standard mode. The only difference is that you can play with all the cards that have been released in Hearthstone so far in this mode.

  1. Battlegrounds PVP

This mode was adapted for Hearthstone as a reflection of the auto battler genre that started with Autochess for a while. It is similar to Teamfight Tactics. You have to be the last survivor by fighting against eight opponents.

  1. Arena PVP

When you enter the arena, you create a random deck of 30 cards by choosing one of the three classes that appear in front of you. You need to get many wins to earn rewards.

  1. Tavern Brawls

It is a game mode designed for entertainment purposes. You play matches according to randomly decided rules. Sometimes you can draw cards from the opponent’s deck, and sometimes you fight with ready-made decks.

  1. Solo Adventures

It is a single-player mode of the game. You try to complete the adventures by completing various tasks.

  1. Duels PVP

After entering the mode, you have to choose one of the available heroes for each class. Then you create your deck by identifying a signature treasure and 15 cards with a feature belonging to that class. Then you can begin your rewarding adventure.

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