Best Moments Of TWC NA Qualifier 2

Best Moments Of TWC NA Qualifier 2

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At the Thunderpick World Championship (TWC) North American Qualifier 2, 16 of the best Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) teams from the region fought for just one spot at the TWC 2024 main event and $25,000 in prize money. It was a nail-biting display, as teams gave it their all, and some of our TWC 2024 NA Qualifier 2 predictions held up.

Join us as we relive our favorite TWC 2024 NA Qualifier 2 moments and share the final results and standings with CS2 esports fans.

Remember to check out our CS2 betting odds on Thunderpick! Please note: The rankings mentioned in this article reflect HLTV’s expert world rankings at the start of the TWC 2024 NA Qualifier 2.

Triple Kill In Overtime

Wildcard Gaming was the second-highest-ranked team at the TWC 2024 NA Qualifier 2, making their skill abundantly clear with a dominating opening performance against Strife Esports. However, in the quarterfinals, LAG Gaming pushed Wildcard Gaming to its limits, forcing double overtime on the first map. That’s when Josh “JBa” Barutt stepped up to dominate. In the second round of overtime, he took out three opponents in roughly four seconds after jumping out of the smoke.

The situation Wildcard Gaming found themselves in when JBa pulled off the triple kill made the play even more impressive. Wildcard Gaming had to fight through double overtime to eventually beat LAG Gaming on Anubis with a score of 19-17. What would have happened if JBa didn’t go beast mode on Anubis’ B bombsite in the 26th round? We’ll never know, thanks to the North American rifler.

WolfY’s 4-kill

The Swedish-American AWPer and IGL for Party Astronauts, Adam “WolfY” Andersson, made his intentions to get to the TWC 2024 NA Qualifier 2 Grand Final apparent right from the start. In Party Astronauts’ opening match against E-Xolos LAZER, in the second map (Ancient), WolfY showed us his prowess with the Big Green. Defending the A Bombsite in the 7th round, the IGL popped off, taking out four E-Xolos LAZER quickly to win the critical round for his team.

At the time, E-Xolos LAZER was 5-1 ahead on Ancient, leading viewers to believe a third decider map may be necessary. But the tides began to turn after WolfY’s heroic four-kill play. Party Astronauts managed to win the map 13-10 and the series 2-0, progressing to the tournament quarterfinal.

A Magical 3-kill Play

In the opening round of play, LAG Gaming’s AWPer, Bogdan “ogwizard” Savula, seized the day against Carpe Diem. The player pulled off a magical three-kill play with the Big Green from close range. Most AWPers would know just how difficult it is to hit shots at a closer range, but ogwizard made it look easy. For the second kill, ogwizard even pulled off a shot while under the effects of a flashbang.

Unfortunately for LAG Gaming, their run at the NA Qualifier 2 ended after a close match against Wildcard Gaming in the quarterfinals.

An Ace On Dust II

With Dust II’s recent return to the Active Duty map pool, we’ve already seen some incredible plays, including an Ace (killing all five enemy players in a single round) from Wildcard Gaming’s JBa. In the all-important semifinal match against Party Astronauts, Wildcard Gaming found themselves one map away from elimination and two rounds down on Dust II. JBa then delivered arguably the best play of the TWC 2024 NA Qualifier 2, earning five kills in one round, four of which were headshots with the AK-47.

JBa’s fantastic Ace on Dust II led to an incredibly close map with double overtime, which Party Astronauts eventually won 19-15 to eliminate Wildcard Gaming.

A Back-And-Forth Grand Final

Right from the start of the TWC 2024 NA Qualifier 2 Grand Final, it was clear that every player from both Party Astronauts and Legacy would give it their all. It was one of the closest finals we’ve seen in the TWC 2024 qualifiers, going back and forth until the end.

On their map pick of Inferno, Legacy took an early lead in the first half of play and managed to finish off Party Astronauts with a 13-11 win, narrowly avoiding an overtime situation. The heroics from Legacy players shined brightly, with a perfect example being Bruno “latto” Rebelatto’s post-plant play, earning three kills and securing the sixth round for his team.

Party Astronauts didn’t go down without a fight. They scored a dominating 13-4 win on their map pick of Anubis, running away with the T-side half with a score of 10-2. But Legacy didn’t let Party Astronauts knock the wind out of their sails.

On the third and deciding map, Mirage, it was too close to call in regulation time. Both sides won five rounds on CTs and seven rounds on Ts, leading to overtime. Despite Party Astronauts’ best efforts, Legacy steamrolled overtime for a final score of 16-13 on Mirage and a match score of 2-1.

Legacy CS2 Roster

Stacked with Brazillian players, Legacy showed us they mean business. When the dust settled, dumau walked away with the Grand Final MVP, boasting a massive 67 and 44.

  • Eduardo “dumau” Wolkmer
  • Bruno “latto” Rebelatto
  • Bruno “b4rtiN” Câmara
  • Guilherme “saadzin” Pacheco
  • Gabriel “NEKIZ” Schenato (IGL)
  • Olavo “chucky” Napoleão (Coach)

Congratulations to Legacy for winning the TWC 2024 NA Qualifier 2. We can’t wait to see them compete at the TWC 2024 main event!

TWC NA Qualifier 2 Standings

Here are the final TWC 2024 NA Qualifier 2 team standings, including the prize pool distribution.

  • 1st place: Legacy wins $20,000 and a spot at the TWC 2024.
  • 2nd place: Party Astronauts wins $5,000.
  • 3rd & 4th place: Nouns Esports and Wildcard Gaming.
  • 5th to 8th place: NRG, LAG Gaming, Elevant and Mythic.
  • 9th to 16th place: FlyQuest RED, FLUFFY AIMERS, Carpe Diem, Strife Esports, E-Xolos LAZER, TSM Shimmer, Take Flyte and Vibe.

Please note: Nouns Esports had to forfeit their semifinal match against Legacy due to a scheduling conflict with another esports event.

The six TWC 2024 qualifiers have a prize pool of $25,000 each. The main event, scheduled for October 2024, has a prize pool of $850,000, giving the best CS2 teams a cool $1 million to compete for throughout the qualifiers and main event.

What’s Next For The TWC 2024 Qualifiers?

The exciting CS2 esports action continues with two more regional qualifiers before the highly anticipated main event. Next, we have the TWC 2024 South American Qualifier 2, kicking off on July 17, 2024. 

Want to learn more about the TWC 2024? You can read through our TWC 2024 schedule and prize pool distribution announcement and check out our CS2 live betting odds on Thunderpick.

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