Elevate Overview: Place Your Bets on Elevate

Elevate Overview: Place Your Bets on Elevate

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Elevate is an American eSports organization founded in 2014. After almost a decade in the eSports industry, Elevate has thrown its hat into the ring for lots of different games, including: 

  • Call of Duty 
  • Halo 
  • Rainbow Six 
  • H1Z1 
  • Gears of War 

Known for its excellent talent scouting and world-class eSports athletes, Elevate has always maintained high standards. Make no doubt about it; the #RedRebellion shows no signs of slowing down yet. 

Fun trivia: The popular #RedRebellion hashtag, coined by Elevate, is a reference to their rebellious nature and minimalistic logo, which features a bold red mountain in front of a jet-black backdrop. Elevate believes that “Talent makes good players. Hard work makes champions.”

Elevate History: 2014 – Now

Elevate Esports was founded by a small group of friends in 2014. The dream was to create a long-lasting and powerful eSports organization that could compete on the world’s stage – and this certainly came true. 

Over the years, Elevate has produced a handful of championship teams and earned over $2.5 million in prize money from different leagues and tournaments. A major highlight came in 2022 when Elevate won the Call of Duty CDC Europe 2023 Cup #2, which was a significant feat for the organization. Elevate has also had great success on the Rainbow Six scene, winning GAKGUAY Scrimmage – Season 5, Operation League Southeast Asia 2022 – Summer, and more in 2022 alone. Moving into the future, Elevate’s focus will remain on doing well in their respective leagues, improving their player management, and building even stronger relationships with sponsors and business partners. To keep up to date with the group’s happenings, follow its Instagram and Twitter pages.

How to Bet on Elevate

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Elevate: Divisions, Games, Rosters 

Whether you’re a fan of Elevate or are looking to boost your knowledge of their existing players, you can find read in detail about Elevate’s current rosters right here.

Rocket League

Elevate’s current Rocket League roster features four players.

Nelson “virtuoso” Lasko

A young Rocket League player with plenty of experience, last winning the RLCS 2022-23 – Winter: APAC Regional 2 – Winter Cup at the start of 2023.

Shogo “ReaLize” Ikeyama

A Japanese Rocket League player who went pro in 2016.

Cameron “Kamii” Ingram

During his career, “Kamii” has racked up countless big wins for different teams, which has ultimately earned him $128,859 in career money so far.

Lachlan “LBP” Parke (Coach)

A former player now turned coach. “LBP” is also the founder of Mindclickers, an online platform that sheds light on the demands that come with playing eSports competitively. 


Elevate’s Valorant roster came to fruition in 2020. However, it was then officially disbanded in 2021. 

The final roster for Elevate, which competed at the Valorant Sunday Showdown Week 43 (2021), consisted of: 

  • Dylan “ASSERT” Romo
  • Ashton “Frosty” Rakoske
  • Corey “ChurmZ” Koch
  • Rahmin “ShoukR” Shoukoohi
  • Gabriel “GMAN” Ordaz

The reason for the disbanding of the roster was never publicly revealed.

Call of Duty

On February 14th 2023, Elevate officially announced that its #ElevateCOD roster was officially over. In a tweet by the official Elevate account, they stated, “Today we officially part ways with #ElevateCOD. We truly appreciate everything they have done for us and wish them the best in their future endeavors.”

Elevate’s final competition was CDC Boston Open 2023. Here, the following players represented them: 

  • Juan “JurNii” Antonio González Muñoz 
  • Bjarne “Denza” Sleebus
  • Stephen “Vortex” Allan
  • Alejandro “Lucky” López

Elevate still has a passionate COD fanbase, so it’s entirely possible that a new roster will be created in the future.

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