Valorant Map Strategy: Icebox

Valorant Map Strategy: Icebox

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In this Icebox map guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to destroy your opponents on Valorant’s Icebox map. We’ve got some pro-level tips and strategies to share to help you outwit your opponents on Icebox in Riot Games’ acclaimed team-based first-person shooter (FPS).

You’ll learn the best defense and attack strategies, familiarize yourself with the callouts, and discover which Agents to use in our Icebox map guide. Let’s kick things off with an overview of the Icebox map and its unique callouts.

Icebox Map Guide: Overview and Callouts

Icebox is the first Valorant map to use horizontal ziplines (seen at A Site). It has an excavation site theme, with two snow-covered plant sites. The map is full of vertical gameplay opportunities, allowing for plenty of covers and skirmishes at the two Spike Sites and in its middle section.

Pro players use callouts to indicate the location of an enemy Agent on Icebox. Learning each callout is essential to climbing the ranks in competitive play or placing efficient Valorant bets. For your convenience, you’ll find all the callouts below, divided into A Site, B Site, and General/Mid callouts.

Note: Icebox left the Competitive and Unrated map rotation on April 25, 2023, making way for the return of Bind at the start of Valorant Act III.

Source: Valorant

General And Mid Callouts:

  • Attacker Spawn
  • Defender Spawn
  • A Main (Default)
  • B Main (Default)
  • Tube Mid
  • Boiler Mid
  • Pallet Mid
  • Blue Mid

A Site Callouts:

  • Belt
  • Gate
  • Nest
  • Boost
  • Pipes
  • Heaven
  • Hell
  • Generator
  • Screens
  • Rafters
  • Maze

B Site Callouts:

  • Bridge
  • Top Site
  • Yellow
  • Cubby
  • Snowman
  • Fence
  • Hall
  • Garage
  • Kitchen
  • Hut
  • Orange

With knowledge of the callouts on this Valorant map, let’s move on to the best Valorant Icebox map strategies for attackers and defenders.

How to Attack on Icebox

Attacking on Icebox can prove difficult, as defenders have a slight advantage due to multiple high-ground positions. However, utilizing an effective execute strategy allows attackers to breach either Site.

Attacking A

Faking a B Site attack with two players spending some utility near Yellow is your first step when attacking A Site on Icebox. Once you draw enough attention, send two players through Belt and then the rest via Zipline to Pipes and Nest.

A Site has plenty of angles for the defenders to deal damage from as you move into the area. Use utility items to block off angles from Maze, Generator, and Heaven, clearing out potential defenders.

We suggest the Spike plant spot on A Site where teammates can peek and damage enemies from Nest, between A Default and Generator. Use Sova’s Recon Bolt as an early warning system to react to defender retake attempts and stay behind cover until the enemy tries to defuse the Spike.

Attacking B

We suggest moving slowly through mid with two players via Tube and three through Kitchen. At the same time, use utility in the middle, such as a Flash, with your Duelist (Jett) peeking in for a quick kill. Take control of B Default and any possible defenders lurking close to Yellow.

Once your team has control of mid, smoke off Top, Bridge, and Snowman, and use Viper’s wall to close off one of these areas. Once your team plants the Spike, defend from B Default, and set up a Sentinel trap for defenders attempting to breach the Site from Tube.

For the attackers on Icebox, it’s all about efficient kill trading, scouting out enemy positions, and then picking the least occupied Site to plant the Spike.

How to Defend on Icebox

Just because defending on Icebox is a bit easier than attacking doesn’t mean you don’t need a proper strategy. If the attacking team circumvents your defense, the post-plant situation is excruciating!

Defending A

One of the most powerful strategies for defending the A Site on Icebox is using Jett’s Updraft ability to take a long-range position on Pipes or the top of Screens. Use one of these positions to call out attacker movements, smoke off chokepoints, and place a Sentinel trap at A Default.

Stay ready to rotate more players to A Site once you believe an attack is coming. Utilize Sage’s walls to slow down any A Site push and block off the entry of the Generator area. If the attacking side plants the Spike, we suggest entering through Screens or Heaven for a retake attempt.

Defending B

The main strategy for defending B Site on Icebox is to keep a close eye on the middle section of the map, ensuring attacks do not get through Tube. We recommend placing one player at Snowman to stop attackers from crossing between Green and Yellow.

Use your Duelist in combination with utility support, such as a flash in B Default for quick kills. Stay vigilant and remain ready to rotate more players to B Default if an attack is imminent. Be sure to take advantage of any information you gather via scouting abilities—for example, Sova’s Owl Drone—to react quickly to attacker movements. If the attacking team takes B Site, enter the Spike Site via Snowman or Halls, depending on the scouting information available.

Best Agents to Use on Icebox

Using a balanced team composition on Icebox is key to success. One of the most important picks is the Duelist. Considering Icebox’s Verticality, we suggest choosing Jett, because she can take full advantage of her Updraft ability. You’ll then need two Initiators, a Sentinel, and a Controller to complete the job.

Check out our picks for the best Agents to use on Valorant’s Icebox map below, including their roles.

  • Jett (Duelist)
  • Killjoy (Sentinel)
  • Sova (Initiator)
  • KAY/O (Initiator)
  • Viper (Controller)

Two alternatives to Jett are Raze and Reyna. While your team could swap out Killjoy for Chamber, we suggest keeping the Sova and KAY/O combo in your lineup. Why? Well, Sova’s Owl Drone and Recon Bolt are crucial to pinpointing enemy positions.

Plus, KAY/O can shut down enemy utility with the Zero Point ability. This is invaluable for attackers when executing a strategy to take a site and plant the Spike or for defenders to retake A Site.

Playing and Betting on Valorant Esports

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