Top Valorant Aiming Tips

Top Valorant Aiming Tips

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Want to take your aim in Valorant to the next level? We’ve got you with this guide to the best Valorant aiming tips! This fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) game commands exceptional skill, solid reflexes, and astute decision-making ability. Like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike, Valorant also doesn’t offer much room for error.

While not everyone has a knack for landing headshots or a miraculous kill streak, there’s no hard-and-fast rule preventing Valorant players from improving. Whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring pro, you can find ways to step up your aiming game in our guide.

1. Practice With An Aim Trainer

Want godlike aiming? Practice! This point cannot be understated. Aim trainers like Aim Lab, KovaaK’s, or the Valorant Shooting Range can dramatically improve your skill and game sense. After all, having a better aim builds confidence and ultimately wins you more gunfights.

Avoid overemphasizing speed over accuracy. Start slow and focus on building muscle memory instead. Get used to focusing your eyes on crosshair placement (more on that later). You may also want to check out Aim Lab’s beginner playlists to hone different aspects of aiming.

Featured playlists include Avova’s routines (for flicking, precision, and tracking), Strahfe’s tracking playlist, various OD26 playlists (to focus on specific areas of aiming), and Tenza’s 10-minute warm-up routine. We also recommend Gridshot and RA Headclick.

2. Learn When To Strafe—And When To Stay Still

Boost your maneuverability by strafing—moving side to side during gunfights—and scanning various angles, which makes it harder for enemies to hit you. Want to stabilize your aim for better shooting? Try counter-strafing, which is pressing the opposite movement key to halt quickly.

Some pros debate the value of counter-strafing due to differing mechanics from games like CS:GO. However, consider not overcomplicating your tactics if you’re unconvinced. Instead, hone essential skills like jiggle peeking and maintaining your crosshair at head height.

3. Adjust Your Crosshair Settings

Optimize your crosshair setting for kills by setting the color to cyan, white, or green to make it stand out better. This lets your eyes easily focus on the reticle (and the enemies behind it). Also, we recommend making sure the size isn’t distracting or impeding vision, or that it’s too small that you can’t see it.

Crosshair placement is an important aspect of Valorant aiming and gameplay. A game-changing trick is to keep your crosshair at the enemy’s head level. This sets you up for easy headshots with the Phantom or Vandal, and reduces time and movement to land a kill.

Also, work on your pre-aiming skills by positioning your crosshair before peeking. This practice minimizes the need for drastic mouse adjustments. Better still, predict enemy movements, cut angles to your target, and adjust your crosshair according to the opponents’ next steps.

Pro tip: Leverage techniques like angle alignment and anti-crosshair placements for an edge in duels. Apply these in Deathmatch to acclimate to maintaining crosshair at head level, even with varied elevations and in-game conditions.

4. Record And Review Your Own Gameplay

Struggling to breach the Platinum division in Valorant? Not recording and reviewing your matches may be the culprit. This vital step is the cornerstone of self-improvement and offers a lens to scrutinize your actions and decisions.

Evaluating your past matches illuminates your strong suits and weak sports. This is a crucial practice in tactical shooters, particularly when reviewing your positioning, map control, and gunplay. It also assists in spotting and fixing bad habits, a typical snag in high-stakes esports titles like Valorant.

5. Consider Your Sensitivity

You can also boost your Valorant aim by perfecting your mouse’s sensitivity settings. For starters, turn off “enhanced pointer precision” (mouse acceleration) in Windows for a consistent, smooth aim.

Does your mouse still feel too fast? Try lowering your in-game DPI to 300-400. Otherwise, hop into the “Eliminate 50” challenge in the Range to track bots at varying distances until the mouse sensitivity feels most comfortable for you.

Remember, perfect sensitivity is a unique but crucial aspect of developing good aim in Valorant. Some players may prefer a lower sensitivity, but it’s all about striking the right balance—not too slow, not too fast until it’s just right for you.

6. Know When To Push

Pushing comes down to game sense, intel, and tactics. In general, you should consider enemy behaviors, your team’s economy, and whether it’s safe to push without being flanked. The key is to adapt to the ever-changing in-game conditions and the enemy’s playstyle.

For example, if your team has more players alive or an enemy is cornered, you can push together to secure the kill. Always coordinate with your team and save crucial abilities for possible post-plant situations.

7. Practice Your Character Abilities

Each Agent brings unique skills that, when mastered, can dramatically shift the game’s flow. Using abilities effectively, like Jett’s Cloudburst for evasion or Phoenix’s Curveball to clear sightlines, can give you a significant advantage.

Coordinate with your team to chain abilities for powerful combos. For instance, Sage’s Slow Orb and Raze’s Showstopper can work wonders together. Understanding each Agent’s potential and synergies with others is as crucial as honing your aim and learning the maps.

8. Recognize When You’re Tilting And Take A Break

In the throes of intense ranked Valorant matches, emotions can run high. Sure, raging and yelling expletives over the mic at other gamers may seem tempting, but is it really the best strategy? Spoiler alert: it’s not. If the heat is getting to you, consider retreating for a bit to cool off.

It sounds surprising, but taking a breather between Valorant matches can bolster your climb up the ranked ladder. Indeed, a well-timed respite leaves you feeling refreshed and gives you a clear mind that’s ready to conquer the next game!

9. Remember Why You Started Playing Valorant!

Aiming in Valorant isn’t a skill you’ll perfect overnight. Like learning to ride a bike, there may be setbacks, but persistence is crucial as you go through the different Valorant Aiming Tips. Plus, remember that you’re playing a game—and playing a game should be fun first and foremost.

Winning or losing, the real victory lies in the precious moments shared with friends. And with time, these skills will become second nature. With our Valorant tips, we’re confident you can level up your aim in Valorant. But you don’t have to stop there. You can use your newfound wisdom to bet on Valorant esports matches right here at Thunderpick. Why wait? Place your Valorant bets today!

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