Dota 2
What is Dota 2?

What is Dota 2?

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DOTA or “Defence of the Ancients” is a mode created for Warcraft III, which left its mark on an era. As of its debut, Dota is based on protecting the buildings in certain corners of the map and destroying the buildings belonging to the enemies. So, what is Dota 2 with all of the details?

Over time, the game became so popular that it started to attract the attention of large companies. And after a short while, the story of Dota 2 began when a big company, Valve, knocked on the door of Dota producers. What happened after this, is very important for the Dota community. 

Valve Corporation decided to make a new game by agreeing with IceFrog, one of the producers of Dota. With this step, Valve officially released Dota 2 on July 9, 2013. With its debut, they competed with League of Legends in the gaming industry and managed to offer players an area where they could compete fiercely.

The game continues to be one of the most popular games on Steam since its debut. Considering that it is a multiplayer game with an isometric perspective as well as being built on 3D graphics, we can understand what it is that makes Dota so popular. Dota 2 has written its name in the game world with golden letters.

A Quick Look at Dota 2

  • The matches you will play in Dota 2 take place on a map where both teams’ bases are located on the left and right. Both teams have five players. If one team can outdo the other team and explode their bases, it is considered to have won the game. 
  • The teams in the game are divided into two groups as Radiant and Dire. Each player is thrown into the middle of the war by using their own abilities along with the hero they choose. In the middle of this war, there are creeps who are with you. There is also an economy system where you can earn in-game gold by killing your opponent’s creeps. According to this economy system, the more gold you earn, the faster you get items and the stronger you become.
  • Gold continues to be passively added to your inventory at a constant amount, not just from creeps and jungle monsters. Then you can use this gold by purchasing items that give active or passive abilities.
  • Apart from creeps in the game, there are creatures called “neutral creeps” located outside of the lanes. Your team’s jungler must slaughter these creatures. In some cases, you can also kill forest monsters.
  • And, of course, there is a creature called “Roshan” who is powerful enough to change the game’s fate. With an item that is dropped when you kill Roshan, the person who has that item can be instantly revived when they die once.

How to Play Dota 2?

First, you need to start Dota 2 and choose the mode you want to play. There are multiple modes in the game. However, if you’re going to improve yourself, you have to play unranked or ranked matches.

The main modes are:

  • Captains Mode
  • Random Draft
  • Turbo
  • Least Played
  • Limited Heroes
  • 1v1 Solo Mid
  • ARDM
  • Ability Draft
  • Single Draft
  1. Let’s say you start playing a ranked match. By the way, let’s not forget that in order to play ranked matches in Dota 2, you must have a certain unranked match history. Let’s come to our topic. When you start the game, you first have to decide which role you want to play. You can choose carry, middle, offlane, support, or hard support. Therefore, you should know the lane you will play and fulfill the tasks of that lane.
  1. The classic of ranked matches is the hero ban screen. Within 30 seconds, you can ban a hero that you do not want the opponent to play. After the ban is over, you can go to the final preparations by choosing a hero suitable for whichever lane you decide to play.
  1. Now, before you start the game, you can quickly spend your starting gold and buy the items that the game offers you.
  1. After completing this process, you can have small battles with the opponent for the golden runes on the right or left of your lane before your creeps take action. Be prepared for this.
  1. If you have successfully received the golden runes, you can now calmly farm creeps and start smashing the opponent. Remember, destroying the opponent’s tower will earn you dozens of gold. So try to push the creeps in the lane as fast as you can. After a certain time, you will see that your gold has accumulated. After this point, instead of going directly to the base, you can arrange an item carrier donkey and have the item brought to you from the base.
  1. If you manage to destroy all the opponent’s towers, your creeps will turn into mega creeps so that you can beat the opponent more easily. If you take advantage of this opportunity and continue the team play, you can destroy the opposing team’s Ancient and get your first win in Dota 2.

How Do I Use the Dota 2 Courier?

If one of your team has bought a courier, there will be a button at the bottom right of the screen where you can call the courier with the arrow sign. The shield symbol you see in that menu prevents your courier from taking damage for a while. Likewise, if you click the button next to that shield sign, your courier will reach you twice as fast.

If you want to bring an item by courier, buy an item by clicking on the shop and pressing the direction button at the bottom right to have the courier bring the item to you. That’s it.

Dota 2 Heroes Overview

If you have read our Dota 2 guide so far, you know that the thing that brings victory in the game is the choice of hero. Heroes in Dota 2 are divided into three according to their abilities.

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Intelligence

Any hero you choose in the first level you start the game has these attributes in a certain amount. As your character levels up, these attributes begin to increase. However, only one of these three attributes is your hero’s main attribute. Naturally, as this main attribute increases, your hero starts to deal more damage.

If we need to explain in a more statistical way of expression;

Strength: Hero’s health is increased by +20 if their attribute is increased by 1 point. They also gain 0.1 HP regeneration. If your hero’s main attribute is Strength, your attack damage increases by +1 for every point you earn.

Agility: Each time their stat is upgraded, your hero’s armor is increased by 0.167, and their speed is increased by +1. If your hero’s main attribute is Agility, you gain +1 attack damage for each level up.

Intelligence: Attribute increased by one point grants +12 mana and 0.05 mana regen. If you have a hero whose main attribute is Intelligence, their attack damage will increase by +1 like the others.

There are currently two types of attacks in the game. The first of these is melee, and the other is range. Melee heroes’ main attributes are usually Strength or Agility. 

On the other hand, Range heroes usually have Intelligence and Agility if they are not exceptional heroes. In short, this is all the details you need to know about Dota 2 heroes.

How Many Roles and Heroes Does Dota 2 Have?

In Dota 2, there are a total of 5 roles known to players who have played for a long time. A hero can sometimes have more than one role. This is mostly about meta. There are also 120 heroes that anyone can choose from before starting the game. At the same time, these heroes have their own characteristics.

  1. Carry-Safelane

It is the position of the heroes that need to carry the game. Although it doesn’t work very well at the beginning of the game, it becomes very powerful towards the end of the game by farming and patiently collecting items. In general, the carries deal high damage to the opponent instantly and can quickly destroy the opponent’s structures.

The most frequently selected heroes;

Medusa, Phantom, Slark, Juggernaut, Gyrocopter

  1. Mid-Laner

Heroes with the Midlaner position fight alone in the middle of the lanes. Mid-laners are usually responsible for ganking side lanes to create areas that give your team an edge. Playing without a good, specialized mid-laner can be disastrous for your team.

The most frequently selected heroes;

Storm Spirit, Templar Assassin, Skywrath Mage, Shadow Fiend, Invoker

  1. Off-Laner

Perhaps one of the most critical roles in the game. This position usually has to support the carry and mid-laner. Along with the moves they make in the game, their main goal is to prevent the damage of the opposing team in team fights.

The most frequently selected heroes;

Axe, Legion Commander, Tidehunter, Underlord, Centaur

  1. Roaming Support

Roaming Support, like its name, constantly roams on the map. In general, the goal is to predict the attacks of the opponent and support teammates at the right time. Another important goal is to carry out raids by ganging up on that lane in order to kill the opponent’s carry.

The most frequently selected heroes;

Mirana, Earth Shakes, Pudge

  1. Hard Support

It is commonly referred to as a babysitter by the Dota 2 community. They are responsible for developing strategy by calculating the course of the game. And they only have one purpose in the game, to protect the carry and the midlaner. In general, the captains of most eSports teams are players in the hard support role.

The most frequently selected heroes;

Ogre Magi, Witch Doctor, Shadow Shaman, Lion

What is Dota 2 Item System?

There is an inventory of six slots for each hero in the game, and you make your build according to the features of the character, as in every MOBA game. These items not only contribute to the stat alone but also provide stronger contributions by combining with other items.

For example, Sage’s Mask is an item that provides mana regeneration, while Ring of Protection provides armor. As a result, when these two items combine, an item called Ring of Basilius appears and takes up only one place in your slot. In addition, the combined item has an extra stat feature.

In addition to these combining items, some items require a recipe. You will get the necessary items for these items together, and then you will get the scroll of the item you will combine.

In-Game Shops

Now you know what the items are for. So, where do you buy these items? The essential main items and all development scrolls are available from the main shop in the base. However, there are two hidden secret shops on the Dire and Radiant sides.

The secret items are not in the main shop, and the items in the main shop are not in the secret shop. So for some items you have to go to the secret shop. Apart from these two shops, there are side sellers in the lower and upper corridors. 

There are some of the basic items in the main and secret shops. Thus, if you are in the upper and lower corridors, you can buy the necessary items from here without returning to the base.

Most Important Items in Dota 2

  • Boots: Regardless of your character in the game, everyone should buy boots because the movement speed and other buffs it provides are very necessary.
  • Town Portal Scroll: Since there is no recall feature in Dota 2 like in LoL, you can use this scroll to teleport to your base or teleport anywhere on the map. It should be in your inventory in the early game.
  • Consumables: Pots are one of the most important items in the game because they allow you to regenerate health and mana without returning to the base. It is vital in prolonged lane battles. 
  • Magic Stick: This pot-alike item allows you to regenerate mana and health quickly.
  • Black King Bar: It is a powerful staff that grants immunity and 100% magic damage resistance to its wearer.
  • Gem of True Sight: It gives the ability to see any hidden or invisible heroes, wards, or traps within your range.
  • Shadow Blade: It gives you the ability to move unseen, allowing you to strike unaware enemies. It also grants 20% movement speed.
  • Observer and Sentry Wards: It gives you a vision of your surrounding area. This item is so critical for the game. 

Dota 2 Esports – The International

In addition to the game’s popularity, Dota 2 organizes eSport tournaments that have been held for years and are followed by a large audience. These are highly competitive and cutthroat matches that take place at regular intervals. The fiercest teams worldwide compete against each other in the World Arena.

The tournament consists of 18 teams in total; 12 are based on the final results of the Dota Pro Circuit, and six of the regional qualifiers won from North America, South America, Southeast Asia, China, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe regions.

International eSports players have the biggest single tournament prize pool of any esports event, with the most recent reaching US$40 million. The latest champion is Team Spirit, and OG is the only recurring winner in tournament history.

Want to make good use of your Dota 2 knowledge? 

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