DarkZero Esports Overview: Place Your Bets on DarkZero

DarkZero Esports Overview: Place Your Bets on DarkZero

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Dark Zero Esports is a professional eSports organization that exploded onto the scene in 2018. Since then, DarkZero Esports has become a recognizable name on the Apex Legends scene. Additionally, it also has rosters competing in Rainbow Six and Valorant. 

One of the main reasons behind DarkZero’s success has been its continued focus on state-of-the-art training and player development. A lot of this is driven by big data analysis. 

The ‘DZ Method’ encompasses three essential steps: 

  • Build dominant teams
  • Remain centralized 
  • Always put the player first 

This approach has enabled them to become a massive success in just half a decade.

DarkZero Esports History: 2018 – Now

DarkZero Esports was founded in 2018 by Zachary Matula. Since its founding, DarkZero has experienced some iconic championship and title wins. One of their first ‘big stage’ wins came in 2019 when they won the Pro League Season 10 – North America title with an excellent 33 points. 

Most recently, DarkZero Esports went back-to-back by winning the ALGS Championship (2022), which was the team’s 2nd Apex LAN title. Here, they won $500,000 and took home the bragging rights. As of right now, DarkZero Esports is very much the best Apex Legends team in the world.  

In addition to this, DarkZero beat Astralis at the Six Major Charlotte (2022) to win their first-ever international trophy in the highly competitive Rainbow Six field. Knights Gauntlet 2022: Championship, a Valorant tournament, also witnessed DarkZero take home the gold. 

Thanks to the brand’s consistent success in the eSports industry, it has led to them earning partnerships with RESPAWN, Aim Lab, and Raven. As of 2023, DarkZero Esports has won $1,410,677 from 48 tournaments – and this figure is only going to increase as the future unfolds. Keep up to date with the group and its news by following its official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

How to Bet on DarkZero Esports

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DarkZero Esports: Divisions, Games, Rosters

DarkZero Esports continues to grow at a rapid pace. Right now, they have three active rosters – Apex Legends, Rainbow Six, and Valorant – that you can discover below.

Apex Legends

The ALGS Championship (2022) winning roster for DarkZero Esports consists of the following: 

Rhys “Zer0” Perry (Captain)

With over $320,000 in career earnings and an insane Apex Legends wins record, from 1st place at the Australian Apex Open (2019) to winning the coveted ALGS Championship (2022), “Zer0” is one of the best captains and in-game players around. Notably, at the ALGS: 2022 Split Playoffs, “Zer0” was awarded the Monster Energy MVP. 

Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose

“Genburten” has had an illustrious Apex Legends career so far, earning countless championships and individual titles along the way. At the ALGS: 2022 Split 1 Playoffs – APAC South, “Genburten” was the Apex Legend, earning a prize of $750 for getting the most eliminations. 

Rick “Sharky” Wirth 

“Sharky” is a much-loved figure in the Apex Legends community, having previously played for EXO Clan, Team Burger, REJECT, and Reignite. He played a pivotal role in the ALGS Championship (2022) title win.

Rainbow Six

DarkZero Esports have an excellent Rainbow Six roster that combines both experienced and up-and-coming players:

Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawsk (Captain) 

The legendary “Canadian” retired from Rainbow Six in 2021, only to then come out of retirement later that year. 

Nick “njr” Rapier

A loyal servant to DarkZero Esports who joined the ranks back in 2021. 

Roberto “Panbazou” Feliciano

Winner of the Newcomer of the Year (2021) award for the North American League. 

Alexander “Skys” Magor

A reliable SUPPORT player who believes teamwork is the key to success. 

Gaven “Gaveni” Black

A younger gamer who officially went pro in 2022 and signed for DarkZero Esports from Reality TV. 


The Dark Zero Esports Valorant roster is currently inactive. The final roster in 2022 featured:

  • Adam “Ange” Milian
  • Taylor “drone” Johnson
  • Justin “Trick” Sears
  • Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro
  • Kyle “ScrewFace” Jensen

It remains unclear whether DarkZero will return to Valorant in the future.

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