Valorant Strategy: Haven Map Guide

Valorant Strategy: Haven Map Guide

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Ready to conquer Valorant’s Haven map? You better be! This Haven map guide dives deep into the unique tri-site layout tucked away in Bhutan’s forgotten monastery. Prepare to outwit and outscore your rivals in Riot Games’ acclaimed first-person shooter (FPS) with our pro-level tips and tricks!

Learn the best attack and defense strategies, familiarize yourself with common callouts, and uncover the best Agents for the job. As one of the most captivating maps, we’ll help you turn every choke point into a tactical edge, whether you’re climbing the ranks or just want an upper hand.

Our Haven map guide will also help you understand Valorant esports strategies employed by the pros and direct you towards anticipating certain moves when you’re betting on Valorant

Haven Map Overview: Where is Haven Located?

Haven is located in Thimphu, Bhutan, and it features three Spike sites that provide more territory for control and aggressive pushes in Valorant. Set under a forgotten monastery, it has an old temple transformed by a radianite event and the intervention of the Kingdom.

Haven map guide
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Haven Map Guide: Callouts

Here’s a list of common callouts on Haven in Valorant:

  • Defender Spawn
  • Attacker Spawn
  • A Tower
  • A Site
  • B Site
  • C Site
  • A Long
  • C Long
  • A Short
  • C Short
  • Mid Window
  • Mid Doors
  • Mid Courtyard
  • A Lobby
  • B Lobby
  • C Lobby
  • Garage
  • B Link (connects B Site to A Site)
  • C Link (connects C Site to B Site)
  • Connector
  • Heaven (on A Site)
  • Hell (below Heaven on A Site)
  • Cubby
  • Back Platform (back of C Site)
  • Logs

How to Attack on Haven

Overall, Haven offers much more strategic flexibility than maps like Ascent, where securing Mid is a top priority.

The cardinal rule for the attacking side includes tactical use of utilities around A Lobby and B Door, and mastering the five primary choke points: C Long, Mid Doors, B Door, A Short, and A Long.

Attacking C

It’s widely established among elite players that C Site leans in favor of defense. However, tactical ingenuity can turn the tide, with split push strategies — like a coordinated entry through Garage — as the key to a successful Spike plant.

The notion of easily gaining Mid control is a misconception among less experienced Valorant players. Seasoned attackers on Haven know that penetrating Garage isn’t a given, considering the savvy defenders often lurking unseen within the site or perched in C Window.

Nevertheless, with solid control of both Garage and C Long, attackers can pressurize defenders into navigating the chokepoint at C Link. This can then tip the scales significantly in their favor. Here, a smart post-plant strategy is defending the Spike from C Long or on-site overlooking CT.

Attacking B

On the flip side, attacking B Site has similar challenges to C and offers numerous angles of advantage to the defending side. In addition, this is a relatively straightforward site for defenders to retake, considering its proximity to both C Link and A Link.

While attackers can plant the Spike at Default during save rounds and guard it from Mid Window, a B attack usually ends with defender victories.

Attacking A

The A Site is a preferred target for attackers, thanks to its abundant sightlines that foster aggressive play. For instance, an attacker pushing from A Short can confidently challenge a defender at Heaven and leverage their superior field of view.

Simultaneously, another attacker can advance from A Long to secure a plant at Default, providing coverage from A Long and Sewer (or Heaven). Notably, the choke point at A Long is a strategic fulcrum, where you’ll need to use utilities like Jett’s smokes or Cypher’s Cyber Cage to block the enemy team’s sightlines.

In this case, sneaking a player into A Short unbeknownst to the A Long defender can facilitate a fake C push, diverting defenders away from A Site. You can also position a lurker around A Short or by B Door for insights on defender rotations or to snipe players off-guard.

How to Defend on Haven

Haven’s tri-site layout challenges defenders with five choke points. However, the key to defending Haven is reading the enemy’s movements and responding to evolving game situations.

Defending C

C Site is heavily defense-favored, especially when Valorant players are positioned behind the Default plant (i.e., on Logs, Back Site, or Platform). This approach can help you catch unsuspecting attackers advancing via C Connector and C Long in a split.

Using Sentinel utilities, like a Killjoy’s Turret on the Door-side of Connector, strategically supports counter-rotations during a C-Site split push. This allows a passive defense on C Site and lets you reallocate resources to a stronger B-Site defense or swifter rotation onto A.

Defending B

Defending C is situational and may warrant a two-player defense on C Site against regular C attacks, you can apply the same strategy to B Site.

By placing Sentinel utilities near the B Door, two players on C Site, and one in the C Window for rotations, a player in C Window can freely rotate between C and B Sites as needed.

Defending A

Controlling A Connector — the area between A Short and A Long — during an A-Site push is crucial. If attackers are hindered here, their access to both choke points is compromised.

An effective setup could see two players on A Long versus one player each on Short and Long. In this case, even if attackers gain control of A Site, their limited space makes them vulnerable to defenders rotating from Stairs to retake the site.

The general defender setup for A, B, and C Sites is a 2-1-2 arrangement. However, Haven provides considerable flexibility for defensive strategies and often rewards unconventional approaches.

For example, some teams allocate two players to A Site, three players to B Site, and leave C Site open. These defenders could then flank attackers planting on C Site by pinching the attackers between C Long and C Link.

Haven Map Guide: Best Agents to Use

Looking for the perfect Valorant Agent to match your flawless attack or defense strategy? You got it! Here are some Valorant Agents to consider for your team on Haven.

  • Duelist: Jett
  • Initiator: Sova, KAY/O
  • Controller: Omen, Brimstone, Astra
  • Sentinel: Cypher, Sage, Killjoy

Betting on Valorant Esports

And that concludes our Valorant Haven map guide! But don’t stop there. You can always push the boundaries and apply your newfound knowledge to the gambling arena! Thunderpick’s revolutionary crypto esports betting platform lets you wager on the top Valorant squads and players. On our site, you can stake various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Litecoin. If you’re new to Valorant betting and want to learn the ropes, you can also head over to our Valorant betting guide.

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