Valorant Map Strategy: Breeze

Valorant Map Strategy: Breeze

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Ready to go pro in Valorant? Your journey starts with our Breeze Strategy guide. We’ll explain how to conquer Valorant’s Breeze map and unpack everything from the fundamentals (like the map’s callouts and layout) to pro-level secrets on attacking and defending. Heck, we’ll even share the best Valorant agents for the job!

Expanding your mastery to the entirety of the Valorant map pool is key to improving your skill and embracing your true potential in Riot Games’ fast-paced tactical shooter. Here’s the ultimate Valorant map strategy for Breeze.

Note: Breeze was the sixth new map, added in patch 2.08. But Riot Games removed them from competitive and unrated map rotations, along with Bind, in Valorant patch 6.0. The maps are still available in other game modes.

Breeze Strategy: Map Overview

Breeze is a Valorant map set in a tropical paradise within the Bermuda Triangle. Exotic? Yes. Relaxing? Nope. With a radianite mine, seaside caves, marooned cargo ship, and a finicky teleporter, Breeze is a warzone commanding strategic gameplay.

Think you can control Mid as you did on the Ascent map? Think again. The large Caribbean-themed map is infamous for its wide-open spaces, making it heaven for Operator and Vandal players. While controlling Mid is a must, the tricky chutes (or vents) can make or break your round.

Map Features

Like Bind or Icebox, Breeze has two Spike plant sites in Valorant: A and B, each flanking the Mid area. However, it has a few unique quirks. For instance, A Site includes A Hall, which is accessible by ropes for defenders and attackers. 

The site also has a mechanical door connecting to A Hall and many weird angles. This door is closed at the start of rounds, but hitting the switch opens it for a new avenue of attack. There is also a one-way vent from Hall to Mid, so think twice before diving in.

On the other hand, Site B prefers a minimalist approach. It features open spaces and sparse cover make it a challenging site to take, and the long rotations add to the complexity. It’s no wonder some players find Breeze in Valorant so frustrating!

Callouts For The Best Breeze Strategy

Communication is key in Valorant, and Breeze is no exception. There are more than 20 unique callouts, and knowing these locations could mean the difference between a win and a loss:

  • A Bridge
  • A Metal Doors
  • A Site
  • A Main
  • A Pyramids
  • A Switch
  • A Hall
  • A Rope
  • A Shop
  • A Cave
  • A Lobby
  • Mid Nest
  • Mid Top
  • Mid Wood Doors
  • Mid Chule
  • Mid Stack
  • Mid Pillar
  • Mid Bottom
  • Mid Cannon
  • B Wall
  • B Site
  • B Tunnel
  • B Back
  • B Elbow
  • B Main
  • B Window

Note: These callouts are unique to Breeze in Valorant but may differ between regions.

How to Attack on Breeze

When you’re attacking, avoid overextending. It’s the perfect recipe for easy pick-offs on Breeze. Similarly, huddling together isn’t advised either, as it hands over crucial map control to the defenders, enabling them to launch a crushing counter-attack.

To strike a balance, use a flank guard. This tactic can reduce the pressure on your team to spread out and help keep map control. Although Breeze’s pathways may seem daunting, astute players will recognize it for the attacker’s paradise it truly is.

Key areas to zero in on include A Hall, Mid Wood Door, and B Elbow. These positions provide quick rotation options to both sites and excellent springboards to launch an assault with multiple entry points.

Recommended Attack Points

Take A Halls, for instance. Controlling this area puts immediate pressure on A while allowing swift rotation paths to the B site via the chute, or even the enemy spawn if they’re careless. Hallway control is another option for successful assaults.

The ability to open the door towards A main while pressuring from Caves can create a nearly unmanageable pinch situation for defenders. But don’t underestimate the importance of Double Doors control in facilitating site assaults while stalling enemy rotations.

Elbow is another critical component of Breeze’s metagame, particularly for attacking B site. Its location lets attackers exert pressure on the defenders and restrict their rotation options. Overall, the best plan is diverse, constantly keeping the defenders on their toes.

How to Defend on Breeze

Breeze challenges defenders with many choke points. However, A Main is the primary area of concern, being spacious and offering attackers flexibility. Meanwhile, B Main is narrower, so it allows for a more streamlined defense.

That said, ensure an agent holds vital positions during a split rush. For example, position Viper on the left Pyramid to guard Cave, with a Sova on Stairs for A Hall and A Switch. Use a utility like tripwires or alarm bots in Tube to catch infiltrating attackers.

This action ensures no attack passes into the back site unnoticed. Overall, defending the Cave entrance can delay enemy pushes. Agents like Jett should be positioned at Nest to provide intel on Mid site and A Short cross, potentially catching enemy players off-guard.

An agent stationed at Elbow can also support rotations between Mid and A. Avoid isolated, risky positions like B site’s Trench; instead, opt for Wall with the potential for a CT-side retreat. If scouting reports a clear B site Elbow, anticipate an A attack and redistribute your forces. 

Breeze’s challenging choke points necessitate being in sync with teammates and responding promptly. We really cannot stress the importance of teamwork enough—it is paramount to success.

Best Agents to Use on Breeze

Want to crush your games on Breeze when you play Valorant? Opt for Jett, Chamber, Viper, Sova, or KAY/O in your lineups.

Jett is a meta dualist. Her mobility and long-range accuracy fit Breeze’s wide-open spaces. Her abilities let her control an Operator’s functionality while accessing vertical positions most agents can’t reach and outplaying players with a Vandal, with pinpoint accuracy over range.

For Sentinels, Cypher is strong, but Chamber is favored for his trips, teleport, and long-range lockdown. As a Sentinel/Controller hybrid, Viper dominates with her area-denying kit and extended smokes, unlike Raze, whose ability kit is largely outclassed on Breeze.

Sova and KAY/O, the elite Initiators, clear tight defender spots and disable utility-heavy agents. Sova’s drone-dart combo uncovers enemy positions, while KAY/O’s suppression and flashes aid team entries. In short, this agent comp turns Breeze’s sprawling map into a manageable battlefield.

Playing and Betting on Valorant Esports

You’re now well-equipped with insights about Breeze, edging you closer to dominating Riot Games’ celebrated title. But the journey doesn’t stop here. If the Haven map, Pearl, or Lotus intrigues you, our dedicated Valorant blog offers in-depth analysis and strategies.

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